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B1 Sizes

The largest-sized rims,

Comparable to:

Bach size 1 rims,

Schilke 18-24, etc.

B2 Sizes

Medium-large rim size

Comparable to:

Bach size 1-1/4 rim,

Schilke 17, etc.

Most Available Sizes for Trumpet & Cornet

Cups for each rim are listed from shallow to deep

*Popular sizes are in yellow

*Unity Mouthpieces are in purple

B1 Sizes

B1-1 Rim

  • B1-1L S1

  • Unity B1-1L

  • B1-1LD S1

  • B1-1 S13

  • B1-1 S5 D

  • B1-1 S5

  • B1-1 S1

  • original B1-1

  • B1-1D

  • B1-1 FL

B1-2 Rim

  • B1-2LD S1

  • B1-2 S3

  • original B1-2

  • B1-2 FL

B1-3 Rim

  • B1-3LD S1

  • B1-3 S5

  • B1-3D S5</