For years and years, players who play "Taps" at military funerals have asked us for a Bb bugle that they could use in place of their Bb trumpets. We are delighted to now accept orders for our RAJA Bb BUGLE! This bugle has the same sound and response as our "best of the best" RAJA instruments - with the weight of parts similar to our PRANA 3 STC Bb... but minus the valve casing and plus some lightweight sheet braces! The result is a bugle that is even more locked-in and secure in response than conventional Bb trumpets (really appreciated on cold memorial service days). And like all Monette instruments, it has a sound that will carry like crazy over long distances when played outside! It's an easy match in every way when playing "echo taps" with another player using a Bb trumpet - given that with no valve casing the weight is fairly comparable! This bugle was inspired by BUGLES ACROSS AMERICA founder TOM DAY, who received the first decorated presentation Monette bugle several years ago.

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