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Our 40th Anniversary cornets provide revolutionary

sound and performance


Available in three distinct configurations

Cornette & Classic Cornet_edited.jpg


The prototype Monette Cornette was used by our dear friend and client Ron Miles. Ron recorded his last several albums on this instrument, with glowing reviews. The instrument was conceived with the idea of building on the larger-bell turn-of-the-century cornets, but radically re-routing the airflow in the instrument to allow for an extraordinarily wide sound.


Cornette 3_edited.jpg

Classic Cornet

Our classic cornet has been completely re-designed for our 40th Anniversary celebration. This new model has an all-new mouthpiece receiver/lead pipe configuration that actually improves on the revolutionary Monette cornet response and intonation that our instruments are famous for. 


These cornets are made with a 5 1/8” bell dianeter, which is slightly larger than current production cornets. The evenness and immediacy of response and extreme dynamic range of this re-designed instrument is unheard of in modern instruments. (Videos coming soon!)

900 Cornet in Bb or C

Info Coming Soon!

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