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40th Anniversary Unity Bb Trumpets

Our 40th Anniversary Unity Bb trumpets are by far the best we have ever made! They incorporate fundamental new state-of-the-art design improvements that make playing easier than ever before. The prototypes have been field-tested over the last few years by our top clients in some of the best concert halls and recording studios on the planet!


We make a wide variety Bb trumpets to suit any player's musical needs and playing style. Scroll down to review all the different models, listed from extremely light to quite heavy—and everything in between! Also, check out our specialty Tantra and Infinity Bb instruments on their own pages.

Monette Instruments FAQ



Our all-new Unity MF and Raja Unity MF trumpets are the next generation, lightest weight lead trumpets we make—made in the spirit of our mentor and friend Maynard Ferguson. The new bell on these instruments is the lightest trumpet bell we’ve ever made, providing a lightning fast response and even more ease in the extreme upper register. The RAJA version of this instrument has our state-of-the-art threaded integral mouthpiece configuration.

The Unity MF and RAJA Unity MF trumpets are the best instruments we make for lead trumpet playing, and are also popular with section players, commercial players, and anyone who prefers a very light instrument. They can really scream with a lead mouthpiece, but can also be played with a larger mouthpiece size for all-around or even classical trumpet work.

The first Unity MF was delivered to high profile lead trumpet player Niel Levonius, an institution on the lead book in the San Francisco Bay Area


This model is the second lightest Bb trumpet we make. It has just enough added heft to make the sound slightly more concentrated and the response slightly more secure than our MF instruments, while still retaining the overall feel of a light instrument. This model is extremely versatile for all-around playing—even more so when using dedicated mouthpieces for different musical applications (classical, commercial, lead, small-group jazz, etc). The XLT-weight instruments are slightly lighter than most standard-weight mass-produced Bb trumpets. The RAJA version of these instruments have our state-of-the-art threaded integral mouthpiece configuration.

This model is used by many Monette clients, including jazz artist Hagai Izraeli of the band MAETAR in Los Angeles, and Thomas Barber, solo trumpet in the popular band Pink Martini.


The LT trumpet variations are similar in weight to common production trumpets. They have a slightly more concentrated sound and stability of response than our XLT and MF models, while still being suitable for all-around playing in most every musical setting. LT-weight Monette trumpets are similar in weight to many conventional mass-produced instruments, but will feel faster, more even, and more stable. The RAJA version of this instrument has our state-of-the-art threaded integral mouthpiece configuration.

A highly customized RAJA variation on this model with a slightly lighter-weight bell and all-new mouthpiece configuration has been built for Jazz at Lincoln Center founder and Music Director Wynton Marsalis, and BBC composer, conductor, and soloist Guy Barker in London. Contact our shop for more information.



The P2 (Prana 2) trumpets are slightly heavier than the LT variations listed above. They have 5.75" bell flares, and even more depth of sound and stability of response. Most players who have us build these instruments are jazz players who often perform in small-group jazz settings. The P2 is slightly lighter and sounds slightly brighter than our P3-weight instruments, making it well suited for big band section work and small-group jazz settings. The RAJA version of this instrument has our state-of-the-art threaded integral mouthpiece configuration.

Wynton Marsalis used a RAJA P2 (and before that a slightly heavier P3) for years prior to switching to his new lighter Unity LT Plus model trumpet in 2021.

RAJA P2_edited.jpg


The P3 variation trumpets have been the “go-to” Monette jazz trumpet for over 20 years. This heavier-weight instrument and corresponding mouthpiece combined with the large 5.75” bell diameter are perfect for jazz players who have always dreamed of having a wider, richer sound and more stability of response than possible with their conventional instruments. The P3-weight trumpets are popular not only with professional players, but amateur and 'come back' players as well, because they are so forgiving to play, and feel very stable and secure. The RAJA version of the P3 has our state-of-the-art threaded integral mouthpiece configuration.

Wynton Marsalis used a P3 Bb since the first one was made for him in 2003–and the first Raja version made in 2010. (Wynton used our older 933-993 models with similar weight and dimensions before that.) Many of Wynton’s most well known recordings over the last two decades were recorded on his various generations of P3 instruments. RAJA P3 trumpets are also used by jazz artists Avishai Cohen and Itamar Borochov.


These trumpets have become one of our most popular models! The weight of the leadpipe, tuning slide, bell, and valve casing are the same as our P3 instruments, but they are built with lightweight sheet bracing. This adds more definition to the response, which makes the RAJNA-3 equally suited to classical and jazz work. The sound is huge and broad, but with precise articulation. These are extremely forgiving to play, especially for players who have never played a Monette trumpet before. The name RAJNA was coined by the first person to order this instrument - Masaki Shinohara. He wanted a trumpet that looked and played like an AJNA, but with the RAJA threaded integral mouthpiece, hence this model name: RAJNA! This model is only made with our proprietary threaded integral mouthpiece configuration.

The RAJNA-3 is used by many top players we work with, including virtuoso jazz and classical recording artist Charlie Porter. Watch for the coming release later this year (2023) of Charlie's lyrical and technical etude books - with stunning accompanying recordings of all 50 etudes!



This is our entry-level Bb trumpet, suitable for all musical situations - classical playing, big band section, commercial, and even lead trumpet. Like all Monette instruments, it is made to order - one at a time - for each client we work with. The design is an extensively upgraded version of our best 1980s Chicago-era Bb trumpets - made with the same quality of parts and construction used in our new 40th Anniversary custom instruments. The original 1984 version of this instrument, serial number 111, was made for London-based composer and soloist Guy Barker.

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