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Monette Unity Mouthpieces


The state of being complete with all parts connected; having everything that is needed. The quality of being one in spirit, sentiment, and purpose.

Monette Unity Mouthpiece

We are thrilled to announce the next generation of Monette mouthpieces!

Charlie Porter playing a Unity lead mouthpiece in the Monette shop, fall 2021.

Wynton Marsalis in July 2021 playing his new Unity B2 mouthpiece with his new prototype lightweight RAJA trumpet. Unity mouthpieces have been a key element in developing our most advanced custom instruments.

Unity mouthpieces are an improvement

over any previous Monette mouthpieces:

  • More brilliance, cleaner articulation, and more projection than ever before.

  • The upper register is freer, more even, more slotted, and more balanced to the other registers.

  • New cup designs, backbores, and mouthpiece weights, all of which are optimized for use with non-Monette, production trumpets. (*Unity mouthpieces can also be made for Monette trumpets. Just contact our shop for more information.)

  • From the very first notes, these are even easier to play than any mouthpieces we have ever made - even if you have never played a Monette mouthpiece before.

  • New designs for lead trumpet play easier in the extreme upper register, while providing a fatter sound and a more locked-in response in the middle and low register, compared to other lead mouthpieces. Including previous Monette models.

  • Unity mouthpieces have even more of the sonic and acoustic advantages of our existing Prana mouthpieces, while being more forgiving to play for those with unresolved tension or body-use issues.

  • Field-tested and used daily by Wynton Marsalis, Ron Miles, Manny Laureano, Ingrid Jensen, Charlie Porter, Theo Croker, Patrick Hession, and Itamar Borochov.

  • Unity mouthpieces are available in 25 different sizes for Bb trumpet, including sizes for lead trumpet playing and several all-new sizes! These sizes cover the musical needs of the vast majority of our clients. See available sizes below!

  • Unity mouthpieces are now also available for C trumpet, flugelhorn, and small-shank trombone. Click one of the above for more info.

Minnesota Orchestra Principal Trumpet Manny Laureano told us, "I thought you had already created the ultimate in mouthpieces, but now you've gone and done it again! This [Unity] mouthpiece gives me renewed energy to go into work and enjoy making music."

Here is Manny performing John Williams' Summon The Heroes in one of the first performances with his new Unity mouthpiece, summer 2021.


Ingrid Jensen plays a few notes on her previous Monette mouthpiece, then switches to her new Unity B2.

More info and videos below the size charts.

Recommended Unity Size Options
for Bb Trumpet

Unity Size


Size Comparison


This all-new rim design was inspired by the original Monette rim contour first used by Wynton Marsalis and Charles Schlueter in the 1980s. The Unity B1-7 was developed for our own Jason Gunderson, who wanted a new B1-sized mouthpiece that would feel secure on the lips and provide extra-clean articulation, but without feeling harsh. The rim shape is not as round as the B1-1 or B1-3, and not as flat as the B1-2 and B1-4. We have all found that this new rim keeps the chops together without feeling constrained or inflexible. The new Unity B1-7 is the best 1C-equivalent mouthpiece we have ever played!

Monette B1 series,

conventional 1C

Unity B1-7


After developing the new B1-7, with its unique combination of excellent security, comfort, and flexibility, we were inspired to adapt this new rim contour to the extremely popular B2 size. We're excited to now have an additional B2 option for players who prefer a rim that feels more secure on the lips, without feeling harsh or inflexible. The B2-7 plays with all the same enhanced sound and response characteristics of the Unity B2 described above.

Ingrid Jensen and Charlie Porter both used our standard B2 rim for many years, and after only a few seconds playing the new B2-7, they both decided to switch to this new rim.

Monette B2 S3 & B2 S5,

conventional 1-1/4C


This new mouthpiece also features our new “7” rim contour, but on our popular B4 sized mouthpiece. The advantages of more comfort, extended endurance, bigger sweet spots, and even cleaner articulation hold for this size as they do on our new B1-7, B2-7 and B6-7 sizes.

Monette B4S S2, B4 S3, B2.5 S3

conventional 1-1/2C


This mouthpiece features our new “7” rim contour on our best-selling B6 size cup. The “7” rim contour in our B2 size is now more popular than our original B2 rim we’ve made since 1985, and the rim update to the B6 soon followed. This new rim offers the best of both worlds in comfort and clarity of articulation. The overall rim contour has less of a “cookie-cutter” feel, while the inner rim geometry extending down into the cup cleans up the articulation even more than older style rims. At the same time, players consistently report that this new rim feel actually extends endurance.

Monette B6 S1,

conventional 3C/5C/7C,


Recommended Unity Lead Mouthpieces


Dave Monette wanted a new lead trumpet mouthpiece design that would be ideal for players with medium large to large lips… players who want a mouthpiece to help in the upper register without worrying about bottoming out in cup depth. This includes many players who use our B2-7 and B1-7 size mouthpieces for classical playing. But that’s not all… he wanted a mouthpiece that provided such an easy upper register with such a rich and centered low resister that it could be used in most any musical situation. And the best part of all this is the extreme comfort of the all-new rim contour!


Dave designed the rim for himself… to be the most comfortable trumpet mouthpiece rim he had ever felt. From the first notes, Dave said it was his favorite all-time rim contour. All of our co-workers and closest shop friends were equally impressed with how comfortable this rim feels. Now months after playing the first notes on this mouthpiece, Dave and the others in our shop still say that they love the feel… they say it almost feels like there is nothing on their lips as they play!


These two mouthpieces are similar in cup design and depth. They both offer plenty of room in the cup, but the DM-4L is for players who want a bit brighter sound. It’s an ideal upgrade for B4L players who want just a little more depth and depth of sound while still feeling and sounding like they are playing a lead mouthpiece. The DM-4LD is just slightly deeper— it fills out the sound and stabilizes the response just a bit more than the DM-4L. This makes it ideal for players with large or extra large lips and those who want help in the upper register with even more depth of sound and stability of response.


Monette B4L S1, B4L

conventional 1-1/2 or 2 rim

Bach 'E' cup depth

Schilke 'A' cup depth


Monette B4LD S1 (aka B4LDS),

conventional 1-1/2 or 2 rim,

Bach 'D' cup depth,

Schilke 'B' cup depth


With the overwhelming popularity of the DM-4L and DM-4LD described above, the decision was made to adapt those mouthpieces to the smaller '6' rim size so that players who are most comfortable on a conventional '3' rim diameter can enjoy the many benefits of the 'Dave Monette' lead mouthpieces and their extremely comfortable rims.


Monette B6L S1

conventional 3E,

conventional 15A


Monette B6LD S1, 

conventional 3D, 

conventional 15B

This original size Monette lead trumpet mouthpiece has now been redesigned in the Unity configuration. This provides bigger targets, a bigger, more consistent sound and even more precision and focus in response! Almost 20 years ago we came up with the BL S1 as the next generation BL mouthpiece… now we couldn’t be happier with this new upgrade to bring this favorite mouthpiece up to our new 2022 state-of-the-art Unity standard!

Monette BL S1,

conventional 14A4a


While the MF III has been at the forefront of our lead mouthpiece options for many years, we decided to create an all-new mouthpiece the same size, but with several significant upgrades. The new Unity MF VI has some extra cushion on the rim and more room at the top of the cup, making it feel more forgiving and more efficient, with an even bigger and more stable sound. If you are one of the many players who has used the MF III in the past, you will find the MF VI to feel more comfortable when the chops are swollen towards the end of a long, demanding lead trumpet gig.

Monette MF III,

Monette MF II,

conventional 13A4a

More Unity Sizes
for Bb Trumpet

This new lead mouthpiece was developed for players who use our large and rounded B1-1 rim. The diameter has been slightly narrowed from the standard B1-1 rim to make it more practical for lead playing, while maintaining the same B1-1 feel on the lips. With its large size and incredibly efficient new cup, this new lead mouthpiece provides an enormous sound. The extreme upper register is remarkably easy, while the middle and low registers play with a bigger sound than you would expect from a lead mouthpiece.

*Scroll to the top of this page to hear Charlie Porter playing this mouthpiece!

Monette B1-1L S1,

conventional 1E, 1-1/4E

The Unity B2 was designed and refined over the last year for our dear friend Wynton Marsalis. The B2 has been one of our most popular sizes for three decades, ideal for all-around playing, small-group Jazz, and orchestral playing. This size is great for players who prefer something comparable to the 1-1/4C, and also for 1-1/2C players who would like a bigger sound without having to work any harder. With its all-new cup design, the Unity B2 takes our previous B2, B2S3 and B2S5 to a whole new level.

*You can hear Wynton Marsalis using his Unity B2 in the video at the top of this page, and the other videos of him below.

Monette B2 S3 & B2 S5,

conventional 1-1/4C

The Unity B3 is great for jazz playing, classical playing, and all-around use. This size is an excellent choice for players who prefer something just slightly larger than the Monette B6 or conventional 3C. With its new cup, backbore, and body, this new design is like a Prana B3 S3 on steroids.

(The B3 size has always been a slight anomaly in our sizing system, because it feels just slightly smaller than the B4 sizes.)

Monette B3 S3,

conventional 2C

For so many players, the B4S rim is the 'Goldilocks' size -- not too big and not too small. The B4S has been our most popular 1-1/2C equivalent size for all-around, jazz, and classical playing for many years. With its familiar and comfortable rim contour (originally modeled after the contour of Lew Soloff's favorite vintage mouthpiece) and its all new cup design, the Unity B4S is an enhanced version of our mainstay Prana B4S S2.

*You can hear Theo Croker playing his Unity B4S in a video further down the page!

Monette B4S S2,

Monette original B4S,

conventional 1-1/2C

New in 2024!

The Unity B4 is the same size and has the same cup as the extremely popular Unity B4-7, but it incorporates the same rim contour as the original Monette B4, and the B4 S3 that came later. This 'original B4 rim' has more 'bite' to the inside edge than most Monette mouthpieces. It was first made in the 1980s when Bud Herseth had us duplicate the rim contour of one of his favorite conventional mouthpieces in a 1C size, but the B4 has always been more 'mainstream' in diameter - comparable to a conventional 1-1/2C.

This new Unity B4 combines the original B4 rim with a modern Unity cup, and all of the other advantages that our Unity designs provide. This is a great choice for players who prefer a flatter rim contour with a more pronounced 'bite' on the inside edge.

Monette B4 S3,

Monette original B4,

conventional 1-1/2C

For many years the B4L size has been the go-to lead mouthpiece for players who use our B2 and B4 sizes as their main mouthpiece and are comfortable using a shallow cup depth. This new version of the B4L size has an even easier upper register, lightning fast response, and a huge resonant sound. The Unity B4L has been a favorite among many of our play testers!

Monette B4L S1, B4L

conventional 1-1/2 or 2 rim

Bach 'E' cup depth

Schilke 'A' cup depth

Another very popular size, this 'LD' cup is a 'deepened lead' mouthpiece. It is an extremely popular choice for commercial playing, broadway shows, and other applications where lead playing is mixed with more classical playing styles. The B4LD size and depth offers great versatility. Most players who use larger Monette mouthpieces as their main size find it seamless to switch to the B4LD for lead or commercial playing.

Monette B4LD S1 (aka B4LDS),

conventional 1-1/2 or 2 rim,

Bach 'D' cup depth,

Schilke 'B' cup depth

Along with the B2 and B4S, the B6 has long been our other most popular all-around mouthpiece size. This is the go-to size for all different kinds of players who are accustomed to  common sizes such as the 3C, 5C, 7C, 11B4, and even the 10-1/2C. The B6 size is popular with professionals, amateurs, students, commercial players, classical players, and every kind of player in between. This new Unity B6 is an immediate improvement over our Prana B6S1 and sure to be one of the most popular sizes in this new generation of Monette mouthpieces.


*If you've never used our B6 rim before, we would first recommend the Unity B6-7 with its newer '-7' rim design. But players who want the familiarity of the original B6 rim will love this Unity version. 

Monette B6 S1,

conventional 3C/5C


This all-new size is a medium-deep version of the Unity B6, designed for players who want more depth and richness in their sound without moving to a larger rim size. And like all Unity mouthpieces, it plays with an effortless upper register and great efficiency, even with a slightly deeper cup. If you prefer this rim size but the B6 is too shallow or bright-sounding to suit your needs, the Unity B6M is a great choice.

*If you've never used our B6 rim before, we would first recommend the Unity B6-7M with its newer '-7' rim design. But players who want the familiarity of the original B6 rim will love the B6M. 

conventional 3B, 3, 5B, 7C, 7B


With both the B6M and new B6-7 rim being so popular, it only made sense to create a version of the B6M that has the -7 rim contour. We love this combination of rim size, rim comfort, and rich sound!

conventional 3B, 3, 5B, 7C, 7B

The Unity B6L has a shallow cup for lead playing, with the exact same rim as other B6 mouthpieces. This makes it an ideal lead mouthpiece for many B6 players. As with all Unity mouthpieces, playing into the upper register with this new B6L is easier than ever before, and the middle and low registers are fatter and more secure than one would expect from a shallow-cupped lead mouthpiece.

Monette B6L S1

conventional 3E,

conventional 15A

The Unity B6LD has the same B6 rim that so many players love, with an all-new 'deeper lead' cup design. This size and depth can serve many different purposes: it's an excellent lead mouthpiece for players who don't like shallow cups, and a great 'every day' mouthpiece for players who prefer a brighter sound that is still full and rich in the middle and low registers.

Monette B6LD S1,

conventional 3E,

conventional 15B

The extremely popular Unity B6-7 has now been scaled down to a slightly smaller size, with a rim diameter similar to that of conventional 7C. This is a great all-around mouthpiece for players who prefer a rim size slightly smaller than a conventional 3C or 5C, and the modern -7 rim design makes it comfortable, secure, and easy to play with precision.

Monette B7F,

conventional 7C & 7D

conventional 14B, 11B4

This version of the Unity BL (described above) has a slightly deeper 'M' (medium) cup depth. Great for lead players who need a bit of extra room in the cup, or some extra warmth and richness in their sound.   

Monette BLM, original B6L,


conventional 14B or 7E

The MF III has been our most popular smaller-diameter lead mouthpiece since it was first designed for Maynard Ferguson back in 2003. The new Unity MF III has the same rim and cup depth, but with an all-new cup design that cranks the sound and playability up to 11! High notes up to and above double C are even easier than before, with more even resistance and more secure slotting.

Monette MF III,

Monette MF II,

conventional 13A4a

This size was originally designed for Patrick Hession many years ago. It has been used by lead players around the world who love its combination of comfort, big sound, and ease in the extreme upper register. The new Unity BL4 provides even better projection, more secure slotting, and more consistent resistance up to and above double C.

*Hear Patrick playing his new Unity BL4 in the video just below!

Monette BL4,

Monette BL4 S6,

conventional 11A

Wynton Marsalis in rehearsal in July 2021, ten minutes after receiving his new Monette trumpet and new Unity mouthpiece.

Patrick Hession plays his new Unity BL4. When comparing his Unity mouthpiece to his earlier Monette Prana mouthpieces, he described the Unity as being even easier to play, providing bigger and more secure slots, sounding more crisp and clear, and having "much more sound with less work."

More Information About Unity Mouthpieces


Throughout the history of brass instrument performance, musicians have had to chose between the lesser of two evils in so many ways. Musical compromises have defined our equipment choices. Countless players who have wanted extra help in the upper register have been forced into choosing a mouthpiece with a sound that is brighter than they prefer and that makes their low register harder to play. When players choose a large cupped mouthpiece to improve their sound and low register, they sacrifice the ease and efficiency in the upper register that every trumpet player wants. With constant pitch center Unity mouthpieces, these contradictions and polarities are resolved.

Most mouthpieces favor either the high register, the low register, or provide both with intonation and response compromises. Unity mouthpieces are unlike any other mouthpieces in that the upper register has the same resistance as the middle and low registers. The response and articulation is immediate and consistent in all registers and at all dynamics as well. These improvements were obvious from the very first notes we played on the first prototypes we made.


Many mouthpiece configurations favor extreme loud playing at the expense of soft response and control. With Unity mouthpieces, the extremes of very soft to very loud are seamless - unified. 

In the video to the right, you can hear BJ Cord demonstrate the effortlessness of instantaneous changes from very soft to very loud. Also, notice the consistency of pitch and timbre.

BJ demonstrates ease and consistency with fast dynamic changes.

As demonstrated in these videos of Wynton and Theo, the extreme softs are both effortless and seamless down to whisper tones. Notice Wynton retaining complete control while playing the extended musical line down to the softest dynamics - on one breath, and while paying one-handed.

Short clip of Wynton Marsalis giving a clinic in Europe, July 2021, playing his Unity B2

and new lightweight RAJA.

Theo Croker in the Monette shop, fall 2021, playing his new Monette trumpet with his new Unity B4S mouthpiece.


One important goal in designing these mouthpieces was to have the center of every note so secure and easy to find that it feels like there is one place to put every note and the notes slot there automatically. These mouthpieces provide this security even when the player may be less than ideally centered themselves. At the same time, there is more room to shape and color one’s sound - and more room to bend the notes around for musical effect - even though the notes feel more solid and slotted than ever.

Charlie Porter plays the first notes on his new

Unity B2-7 and shares his thoughts.

The speed and immediacy of response is better than we’ve ever experienced. You play and the sound is instantly fully formed, and the articulation is immediate - with no distortion or delay. Even the ends of the notes are more controlled and cleaner. You don’t have to kick start or force things… the more you back off, the faster and more accurate the response.

When we introduced Monette Resonance mouthpieces, players all over the world commented that the brilliance was more integrated into the body of their sound. Unity mouthpieces take this to the next level. What used to be separate parts of the sound blend into one homogenous voice that at the same time can be more easily changed in timbre, shape and color than with previous mouthpieces.

Itamar Borochov playing his early prototype Unity mouthpiece on his 4-valve quarter-tone P3Q.

Charlie Porter playing a Unity mouthpiece on a non-Monette, standard-weight production trumpet.


With our new Unity cup designs, we are able to make the mouthpieces lighter in weight to be more forgiving to play on mass produced instruments without sacrificing stability, depth of sound or projection. This makes them ideal for use with non-Monette instruments.

Unity mouthpieces are also being made for Monette trumpets, as heard in many of the videos on this page.


As we play-tested the prototypes in different rim sizes, rim contours and cup depths, we found that Unity mouthpieces allowed us to change mouthpiece sizes more effortlessly than ever before. We all play-tested sizes both bigger and smaller than we would normally use in our own playing, and found switching between them to be easier and much more comfortable than we believed possible. At the end of a particularly long day of play-testing, Jason, our operations manager, said, “I’ve been playing high C’s on all these different mouthpiece sizes all day long… and even being out of shape, my lip doesn’t hurt!”


Unity mouthpieces offer dramatic improvements in every aspect of music performance: sound, response, stability, and overall ease in playing. These revolutionary new mouthpieces are now available for order in our on-line store or through Monette mouthpiece dealers in all Unity sizes listed above. We provide free mouthpiece consultations by email and phone, so just send an email to or call the shop with your questions.  Because our mouthpiece inventory changes constantly as we fill and receive orders, availability is always changing. Please call or email for more information on the size or sizes that interest you. We’re excited for our clients to start enjoying the most advanced Monette mouthpieces ever!

Click here to email BJ and he will help you!
Or call our shop at 503-255-5552

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