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NEW! Unity TS Mouthpieces for Small-Bore Trombone



We are thrilled to announce these new trombone mouthpieces that have the same improvements that our clients have enjoyed with Unity trumpet mouthpieces for almost two years:


  • The sound, feel and intonation from the extreme low register to the extreme high register is more even than ever before.


  • Compared to earlier models, these Unity designs are more consistent in resistance, response, and clarity through the full dynamic range—which makes extreme softs and extreme louds easier.


  • Cleaner articulation, more brilliance and overtones, with better projection than ever! 


  • The sound is more resonant, with easier high notes and fatter low notes.


  • Bigger sweet spots in all registers for more effortless flexibility—with both more focus and a wider range of shapes and timbres.


  • Whether you are a student or a professional, these mouthpieces work great in any musical situation where you play a small-shank trombone. 


  • More music with less effort!


We started developement work on Unity TS6 and TS11 mouthpieces in the summer of 2022 with shop visits by our long-time clients and friends Jim Pugh and Reggie Watkins. Since then, we’ve been refining the subtle design details of these new mouthpieces—as we do with all Monette equipment—until they are better in every way than our previous models. The mouthpiece body proportions, cup and backbore details, exact shank size, and of course the pitch center, have been crafted to provide the same balanced acoustic and musical advantages as our popular Unity trumpet and flugelhorn mouthpieces. 


Here are testimonials from players who have extensively field-tested these new mouthpieces in a variety of performance situations:


* Watch the video above to hear Jim Pugh talk about his Unity TS6!


“I absolutely love the new Unity TS11 mouthpiece! The slots on the notes are both focused and large, allowing me to access even more openness and warmth—a surprising breakthrough on my small bore trombone.”

Reggie Watkins

Trombonist, Bandleader, and Music Educator

Formerly Music Director for Maynard Ferguson


“Playing my first gig with this mouthpiece was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The ease in which I can move between low, mid, and high range is even better than my previous Monette mouthpiece. I’m doing probably 20% less work than I normally would do to achieve the same volume, and intonation is easier than ever. The tone is more focused, with more ringing overtones. This is the best mouthpiece I’ve ever played… it’s so easy—just fun to play!”

Dylan Rehm

Freelance Musician and Educator, Chicago



  • Unity TS6 - comparable to conventional size 6-1/2
    • most popular choice for all-around playing


  • Unity TS11 - comparable to conventional size 11C/12C
    • popular for lead playing, and players who prefer a smaller rim size and/or brighter sound


Plating: Available in brushed 24k gold or bright silver

NEW! Unity TS Mouthpieces for Small-Bore Trombone

PriceFrom $419.00
  • Monette mouthpieces are made-to-order and usually will not be available as ready-made stock. Unity mouthpieces are the latest generation of Monette mouthpieces and are made more often than older models. The current estimated wait time to have a Unity trombone mouthpiece made is approximately 2-3 months. We cannot guarantee an exact completion date or shipping date in advance. Thank you very much for your patience while you are waiting for your new mouthpiece. 

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