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Tuba Mouthpieces

BBb & CC Tuba
F & Eb Tuba

Monette Tuba mouthpieces offer the same benefits that all Monette mouthpieces do: consistent pitch and timbre through the pitch range and dynamic spectrum of the instrument, a highly resonant sound, great stability, and effortless playing from very soft to very loud and very low to very high.


All Monette tuba mouthpieces are made with the Prana internal configuration and have a brushed 24k gold finish.


Available in two weights:

  • Standard Weight - for the most robust sound, best stability, and easiest projection

  • Lightweight - for a slightly brighter sound and lighter feel

Sizes for BBb/CC Tuba - listed from smaller to larger

  • Tuba 95 - A smaller/shallower option, semi-round rim

  • Tuba 97 - Between the classic 94 size and smaller 95

  • Tuba 94 - Classic Helleberg size, somewhat flat rim

  • Tuba 99 - Shallower version of the large 98 cup

  • Tuba 98 - Version of the 94 with a larger cup

  • Tuba 7 - Slightly larger rim than the 94, with a medium-round rim contour

Mouthpieces for F tuba can also be used on Eb tuba. These have smaller cups than the BBb/CC mouthpieces

Sizes for F & Eb Tuba - listed from smaller to larger

  • Tuba 94F - 94 rim, smaller F cup

  • Tuba 7F - 7 rim, smaller F cup

Monette mouthpieces are 'made to order.' Tuba mouthpieces are made approximately once per year, and likely will involve a longer wait time than our other mouthpieces.

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