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Mouthpiece Size Charts

These charts explain the many different mouthpiece sizes available for trumpet & cornet.

(Flugelhorn mouthpieces all have deep V-shaped cups and can be made with any Monette rim.)

All sizes are listed here as 'B' (Bb trumpet or cornet) sizes.


When a rim/cup is made for C, D, Eb, or Piccolo trumpet, the prefix letter B in the name of the rim/cup will change. For example:

  • When the B2 S3 rim/cup is made for C trumpet, it is called C2 S3

  • When the B2 S3 rim/cup is made for D trumpet, it is called D2 S3

  • When the B2 S3 rim/cup is made for Eb trumpet, it is called E2 S3

  • When the B2 S3 rim/cup is made for A Piccolo trumpet, it is called AP2 S3

  • When the B2 S3 rim/cup is made for Bb Piccolo trumpet, it is called BP2 S3 

Rim Size Ranges

B1 Sizes

The largest-sized rims,

Comparable to:

Bach size 1 rims,

Schilke 18-24, etc.

Most Available Sizes for Trumpet & Cornet

Cups for each rim are listed from shallow to deep

*Popular sizes are in yellow

*Unity Mouthpieces are in purple

B1 Sizes

B1-1 Rim

  • B1-1L S1

  • Unity B1-1L

  • B1-1LD S1

  • B1-1 S13

  • B1-1 S5 D

  • B1-1 S5

  • B1-1 S1

  • original B1-1

  • B1-1D

  • B1-1 FL

B1-2 Rim

  • B1-2L S1

  • B1-2LD S1

  • B1-2 S3

  • original B1-2

  • B1-2 FL

B1-3 Rim

  • B1-3LD S1

  • B1-3 S5

  • B1-3D S5

  • B1-3 FL

B1-4 Rim

  • B1-4 S6

  • B1-4 FL

B1-5 Rim

  • B1-5L

  • B1-5LD S7

  • B1-5 S3

  • B1-5 S4

  • original B1-5

  • B1-5M S12

  • B1-5M S3

  • original B1-5M

  • B1-5D S1

  • B1-5 FL

B1-7 Rim

  • Unity B1-7

B2W Rim

  • B2 S3 W

  • B2M S3 W

B2 Sizes

B2 Rim

  • B2L S1

  • B2L S3

  • B2LD S1

  • B2 S3

  • Unity B2

  • B2 S5

  • original B2

  • B2G S3

  • B2M S3

  • B2D S3

  • B2 FL

B2-7 Rim

  • Unity B2-7

B3/B4 Sizes

B2.5 rim

  • B2.5 S3

  • B2.5 FL

B3 rim

  • B3L S1

  • B3LD S1

  • B3 S3

  • Unity B3

  • original B3

  • B3D S1

  • B3 FL

B3F rim

  • B3F S7

  • B3F FL

B4S rim

  • B4SLD S7

  • B4S S2

  • Unity B4S

  • original B4S

  • B4S D

  • B4S FL

B4-7 Rim

  • Unity B4-7

B4 rim

  • Unity B4

  • B4 S3

  • original B4

  • B4D

  • B4 FL

B4L rim

  • B4LVS

  • B4LS S1

  • B4L S1

  • Unity B4L

  • B4LD S1

  • Unity B4LD

  • B4LD/2S3

  • B4LD FL

DM Rim

  • Unity DM-4L

  • Unity DM-4LD

B6 Sizes

B6 Rim

  • B6LV S1

  • B6L S1

  • Unity B6L

  • B6LD S1

  • Unity B6LD

  • B6 S1 V2

  • B6 S1

  • Unity B6

  • original B6

  • Unity B6M

  • B6D S1

  • B6 FL

B6-7 Rim

  • Unity B6-7

  • Unity B6-7M

DM Rim

  • Unity DM-6L

  • Unity DM-6LD

Uncommon Sizes

B5L Rim

  • B5L S1

  • B5LD S1

B5 Rim

  • B5

  • B5 FL

B7F Rim

  • B7F

  • B7F FL

B7-7 Rim

  • Unity B7-7

B8 Rim

  • B8

  • B8 FL


  • BLW S1

  • BLM S1 W

BL/MF Sizes

BL rim

  • BLV S1

  • BL S1

  • Unity BL

  • original BL

  • BLM S1

  • Unity BLM

  • original B6L (BLM)

  • BLD S1

  • BL FL

original BL2 rim

  • BL2

  • BL2 S1

  • BL2 FL

MF II rim

  • MF II

  • MF II D

  • MF II FL

MF III rim

  • MF III

  • Unity MF III


  • MF III D



  • Unity MF VI

BL2 S3 rim

  • BL2 S3

BL4 rim

  • BL4 S6

  • Unity BL4

  • BL4 FL

BL5 rim

  • BL5

  • BL5 FL

JB rim

  • JB

  • JB FL

BL6 rim

  • BL6

  • BL6 FL

Size List with Descriptions

Here is a list of most rim/cup sizes that can be made for trumpet (in any key) or cornet

Rim size ranges are listed from large to small

Cups for each rim are listed from shallower to deeper

Unity mouthpieces are in purple

Popular non-Unity mouthpieces are in yellow

List of All Sizes

Size comparisons to non-Monette mouthpieces

Size Comparisons to non-Monette Mouthpieces
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