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Eb and Piccolo Trumpets

Eb Trumpet

LT-weight, P3 weight, RAJA or non-RAJA

Our Eb instruments are made with either a quick-change, tapered-shank mouthpiece, or in our RAJA configuration with a threaded integral mouthpiece. We build them to order in either our LT weight or the heavier P3 weight, depending on the player, mouthpiece size, and the musical preferences of the client. Because every Monette instrument is made-to-order, we work with each client to determine the best weight of instrument and custom Unity mouthpiece to best suit their needs.

Our Eb trumpets can now be made in a variety of mouthpiece shank sizes, depending upon the mouthpiece rim and cup size preferred by the client. This allows for a radical new ease in the upper register - up to and over high C. This is unheard of on Eb trumpet! Our client and friend Charlie Porter plays effortless high F's on his older Monette Eb trumpet, thanks to a 40th Anniversary Unity mouthpiece upgrade. (Video coming soon!)


4-Valve Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet

Musicians who play our 4-valve piccolo trumpets are always amazed with the way they play and sound. The consistency, richness of sound, intonation, and freedom in response is a completely different reality than the experience players are used to with conventional equipment.

Each Monette piccolo is made to order. Instruments built in either Bb or A are more affordable than instruments built to play in both keys. Please contact our shop for more information.

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