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C Trumpets

Monette C trumpets have revolutionary sonic, intonation, and response characteristics that are a classical trumpet player’s dream come true. No more strained upper register; no more alternate fingerings; no more flat fifth partial D, Eb and E, and no more sharp G at the top of the staff. The consistency of Monette C trumpets in sound, response and intonation—as well as the revolutionary resonance and clarity of sound they help players to produce, can be heard in the first notes of any excerpt on Manny Laureano’s new Orchestral Trumpet Section Excerpt recordings. Listen for yourself!

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This is our entry-level C trumpet, beautifully suited for orchestral, chamber and solo settings. It is the 2020’s updated version of our 1980’s Chicago era C trumpets. The register and dynamic extremes are shockingly easy to navigate, while providing a sound that can still blend in ensemble performances with others who are playing conventional instruments. It is made with the same quality of parts and construction as our new 40th Anniversary custom instruments, but offered at a more affordable price.  


This instrument is used by Doug Reneau of the Oregon Symphony, and our friend Jamie Hood of the Salvation Army. 


40th Anniversary Unity XLT C Trumpet

This is out lightest-weight custom C trumpet, the earlier generation of which has been used by Manny Laureano for the last ten years. The instrument has a vibrant, penetrating sound, revolutionary consistency and intonation, and an effortless upper register—as can be heard in the video to the right, and on Manny & Company’s new Orchestral Trumpet Section Excerpt recordings, expected to be released online and on CD in the summer of 2023.


This instrument is a custom, lightweight sheet-braced trumpet that has the ease of our lightest instruments with the security of a medium-weight trumpet. The register and dynamic range is remarkable!


More info on this C trumpet coming soon!

Other C Trumpet Possibilities

C trumpets can also be made in heavier weights, including the 3-weight P3 and RAJNA-3. Just click the button below to contact the shop and let us know what you are looking for.

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