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Infinity Trumpet

Infinity Trumpets are made to explore radical new possibilities in musical expression!

The prototype of this revolutionary instrument was built for our friend Arne Andersson of Uppsala, Sweden. Arne asked us to come up with an all-new design of trumpet that would help him to more easily sight read music by shortening the distance from his eyes to the music stand. He did not want a pocket trumpet… he wanted something closer to a full-size instrument—reconfigured to be a “super trumpet.” Our solution? The Infinity Trumpet! 


With its revolutionary layout and airflow, the Infinity Trumpet not only allows a shorter distance between the player and the music stand—it provides huge, incredibly forgiving “targets” on every note—making the task of slotting notes more effortless than ever! The sound potential is huge, at all dynamics…but it’s still focused and beautifully controllable. Like Ron Miles’ Cornette, the Infinity Trumpet feels like every note is glued into perfect center—like playing a piano—while allowing even more inflection and personality to bend notes around and change the musical texture in the moment.



The prototype Infinity Trumpet was made as an LT-weight instrument. In just the first few notes we played, it was immediately clear that this was the 'next generation' Monette instrument. The importance of this radical new design felt overwhelming in all the best ways! When Ron Miles visited our shop to play it, he immediately knew that this was the instrument he had been waiting for. For cutting-edge musicians who want in instrument with a historic, radical new design and expansive musical potential, this instrument is the ticket!

Infinity LT 4.jpg


This was Ron Miles' final Monette instrument—made in the weight of our medium-weight P3 trumpets, and completed just a few weeks before he played his final gig—a full week reopening celebration of the Village Vanguard in September of 2022. Ron made magic happen with this new instrument! Dave Monette attended the last five nights of concerts of Ron’s Rainbow Sign group performances that week. Friends came in from all around the country for this remarkable event, which was written up in major jazz publications and in a lengthy article in the New York Times. 

This instrument is a sentimental favorite of everyone at our shop—we love building them! Please watch the videos and then contact our shop with any questions you may have regarding this totally new, revolutionary instrument.

Infinity P3 2.jpg
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