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Trumpet Mouthpieces

Bb Trumpet, C Trumpet, D Trumpet, Eb Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet

Each Monette trumpet mouthpiece has been designed to play with Constant Pitch Center - which means greater consistency of pitch, timbre, and response through the pitch and dynamic ranges of the instrument, allowing the player to make music more effortlessly, with greater consistency, and with a more resonant sound.

Monette trumpet mouthpieces are key-specific, and each will function optimally with the key of trumpet for which it has been designed.

The Tradition PLUS and Silver Series mouthpieces are sometimes used on both Bb and C trumpet. If a player wants a mouthpiece more highly optimized for C trumpet, we recommend a Unity or Resonance C trumpet mouthpiece. 

If you are looking for information about mouthpieces for Monette trumpets, click here: Mouthpieces for Monette Instruments.

Bb Trumpet Mouthpieces

C Trumpet Mouthpieces

D & Eb Trumpet Mouthpieces

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Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpieces

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Tradition PLUS Trumpet Mouthpieces

Silver Series Trumpet Mouthpieces

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