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Unity DM-6L

Unity Mouthpieces: the latest generation of Monette mouthpieces


Size Comparison: Monette B6L S1 & BLW S1, conventional 3E or 15A


With the overwhelming popularity of the Unity DM-4L and DM-4LD, the decision was made to adapt those mouthpieces to the slightly smaller '6' rim size so that players who are most comfortable on a conventional '3' rim diameter can enjoy the many benefits of the 'Dave Monette' lead mouthpieces and their extremely comfortable rims. Dave designed the rim to be the most comfortable trumpet mouthpiece rim he had ever felt. From the first notes, Dave said it was his favorite all-time rim contour. All of our co-workers and closest shop friends were equally impressed with how comfortable this rim feels. Now months after playing the first notes on this mouthpiece, Dave and the others in our shop still say that they love the feel… they say it almost feels like there is nothing on their lips as they play!


The DM-6L and DM-6LD are similar in cup design and depth. They both offer plenty of room in the cup, but the DM-6L is for players who want a bit brighter sound. It’s an ideal upgrade for B6L S1 players who want just a little more depth and depth of sound while still feeling and sounding like they are playing a lead mouthpiece.



The Unity DM-6L is usually made in the lightweight Unity body. It can also be made in the extra-lightweight Unity body for players who prefer an even brighter sound. 


Plating & Finish:

Unity mouthpieces can be plated in 24k brushed gold or bright silver.

Unity DM-6L

PriceFrom $385.00
  • Monette mouthpieces are made-to-order and usually will not be available as ready-made stock. The standard estimated wait time to have a trumpet mouthpiece made is approximately 6-8 weeks. Unity mouthpieces for Bb and C trumpet are often available within a shorter wait time. Uncommon sizes can involve a longer wait time. The exact wait time is unpredictable, as it is affected by many variables. We cannot guarantee an exact completion date or shipping date in advance. Thank you very much for your patience while you are waiting for your mouthpiece to be made for you.

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