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Unity B1-1L

Unity Mouthpieces: the latest generation of Monette mouthpieces


Size Comparison: slightly narrower Monette B1-1L S1, conventional 1E, 1-1/4 with E cup depth


This new lead mouthpiece was developed for players who use our large and rounded B1-1 rim. The diameter has been slightly narrowed from the standard B1-1 rim to make it more practical for lead playing, while maintaining the same B1-1 feel on the lips. With its large size and incredibly efficient new cup, this new lead mouthpiece provides an enormous sound. The extreme upper register is remarkably easy, while the middle and low registers play with a bigger sound than you would expect from a lead mouthpiece.

*Check out Charlie Porter playing this mouthpiece on the Unity Mouthpieces page.



The Unity B1-1L can be made in either the lightweight Unity body for the best stability and projection, or the extra-lightweight Unity body for players who prefer an even brighter sound. 


Plating & Finish:

Unity mouthpieces can be plated in 24k brushed gold or bright silver.

Unity B1-1L

PriceFrom $385.00
  • Monette mouthpieces are made-to-order and usually will not be available as ready-made stock. The standard estimated wait time to have a trumpet mouthpiece made is approximately 6-8 weeks. Unity mouthpieces for Bb and C trumpet are often available within a shorter wait time. Uncommon sizes can involve a longer wait time. The exact wait time is unpredictable, as it is affected by many variables. We cannot guarantee an exact completion date or shipping date in advance. Thank you very much for your patience while you are waiting for your mouthpiece to be made for you.

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