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Vintage-Model Bb Trumpet Mouthpieces with Uncommon Rims

Vintage-Model Mouthpieces with Uncommon Rims for Bb trumpet

Vintage-Model Mouthpiece Bodies:

  • STC-1: standard-weight (for all-around playing)
  • LT: lightweight (for lead mouthpieces or a brighter sound)
  • XLT: extra-lightweight (for lead mouthpieces, very bright sound)


Available in Classic & Prana


These are some uncommon rims that aren't commonly recommended, but will work great for some players.


Rim/Cup Options:

*Cups for each rim are listed from shallow to deep


  • B5 Rim - Very similar in size to a conventional 3C, with a somewhat sharp 'bite' on the inside edge
    • B5 - older-style standard-depth cup with a somewhat funneled contour
    • B5 FL - deep V 'Flumpet' cup


  • B7F Rim - Very similar to the rim size of a convention 7C
    • B7F - standard-depth cup that is slightly smaller and more V-shaped than a conventional 7C
    • B7F FL - deep V 'Flumpet' cup


  • B8 Rim - comparable to the size of a conventional 10-1/2C
    • B8 - standard-depth cup
    • B8 FL - deep V 'Flumpet' cup


Classic & Prana Internal Configurations

  • Prana mouthpieces allow for the most resonant sound, most effortless playing, and most consistent pitch and timbre
  • Classic mouthpieces can feel more forgiving for players who tend to play with a tighter physical approach, or who are accustomed to a non-Monette mouthpiece


Plating & Finish:

Classic mouthpieces have a shiny, buffed 24k gold finish

Prana mouthpieces have a brushed 24k gold finish

Vintage-Model Bb Trumpet Mouthpieces with Uncommon Rims

PriceFrom $275.00