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Here are the very first notes Jason played just a few hours ago on our latest, one-of-a-kind prototype instrument! It is a four-valve, RAJA P3Q Bb... the "Q" is for QUARTER TONE! We still have a ways to go before we can deliver this beauty its owner... it needs to be cleaned up and we need to make mouthpieces for the client. But we couldn't be happier with how it plays! We were shooting to have the quarter tone slide drop the first valve notes a perfect quarter tone, and I think we about got it on the first try! We will fine tune everything before delivery... but we wanted to post this immediately to announce our latest cool project!

In this video, Jason plays a 24 note per octave quarter tone scale plus a quick Bernstein excerpt.

This instrument was made for a remarkable new client of ours who loves Middle Eastern music and wanted a state-of-the-art custom Monette trumpet with an extended scale. We can't wait to hear him play this new trumpet in the musical style for which it was designed! Much more to follow as we finish it up.

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