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These are the best mouthpieces for lead and commercial trumpet playing that we have ever made! These new mouthpieces have been 35 years in the making... and we are thrilled with them in every way.

Info about the new Resonance XLT

  • The brightest-sounding, lightest-weight Monette mouthpiece for Bb trumpet

  • Freedom without constriction as you ascend, not just above the staff but into the extreme upper register

  • Fat, booming low register to match the effortless upper register

  • Same evenness of response and fluid note connections that all Monette Resonance mouthpieces are known for

  • Feels very secure in all registers in spite of its very light weight

  • Extremely easy to hear up close as you play - even in dead acoustic spaces

  • Excellent projection in large rooms

Patrick Hession loves the new Resonance XLT!



Our #1 most popular small-diameter lead mouthpiece, designed for Maynard Ferguson.

Considered comparable in size to the 13A4a.


The original Monette lead mouthpiece size.

Great for 3C players who want a lead mouthpiece with a diameter just slightly smaller than their 3C.

Great for players who like a diameter similar to a 7C.

Considered comparable in size to the 14A4a.

BL4 S6

The smallest and shallowest option, designed for Patrick Hession.

Considered comparable in size to the 11A.

B6 S1

The largest and deepest of the four sizes. The B6 S1 is a very popular size for all-around playing,

and great for players who prefer a lead mouthpiece with more room in the cup.

Considered comparable in size to the 3C and 5C.

Every rim and cup size beyond these four will require development time and prototypes to be approved, so there will be a waiting list for any other sizes. Just contact our shop to get on the list. 

Available in the Prana configuration only

Plated in either brushed 24k gold or bright silver

Big, fat low register to match the easy upper register!


How did this new design come about?

1985 Monette mouthpiece catalog showing the original Monette mouthpiece design, and a much newer Prana XLT

The Resonance XLT is an outgrowth of 35 years of mouthpiece developments that began in 1985 when the very first Monette mouthpieces were made. Although we have had an XLT-weight mouthpiece for many years, its design was based on that of the earliest Monette mouthpieces from 1985.

In 2012, after years of prototype work, the first Resonance trumpet mouthpieces were made. They were heavier-weight threaded integral mouthpieces built for Monette RAJA instruments like the RAJA P3-STC.

Similar non-RAJA (non-threaded) mouthpieces and Resonance mouthpieces for Monette flugelhorns and Monette cornets were also first made in 2012.

Next came lighter-weight Resonance RAJA mouthpieces as part of the design for lighter-weight RAJA trumpets like the RAJA LT-STC in 2014.

This led to the non-threaded, tapered-shank Resonance and Resonance LT mouthpieces finally becoming available in 2016. They quickly became the new standard in Monette mouthpieces used with non-Monette trumpets and lighter-weight non-RAJA Monette trumpets.

Once the standard-weight Resonance and lightweight Resonance LT were developed and established, an extra-light 'XLT' weight was planned. Many hours went into fine-tuning the design details, including things like exact shape, overall weight, weight distribution, and internal specs for each rim and cup size. We are thrilled with the results of all that work and eager to get the Resonance XLT into the hands of lead players all over the world.

Although the Resonance XLT is an all-new design for Bb trumpet, it is similar to the design of other lightweight mouthpieces we have made since 2016, including mouthpieces for Monette piccolo trumpets and the Monette soprano E-flat cornet.


With the addition of the Resonance XLT, we now have Resonance mouthpieces in all three weights that are suitable for use in virtually any Bb trumpet. The three weights provide different playing characteristics, and we can help you figure out which one is best for you and your playing needs.

Left to right: Resonance, Resonance LT, Resonance XLT

Resonance (standard-weight)

The standard-weight Resonance mouthpiece has a darker, more concentrated sound and plays with the most secure response. This is our first recommendation for playing classical music and small-group Jazz, and is usually the best option for a player's main mouthpiece.

Resonance LT (lightweight)

This lighter weight plays a bit brighter than the standard weight and will feel easier in the extreme upper register. Recommended for lead or commercial playing, big band sections, and other situations where a brighter sound is desirable. Provides great stability, which can be very helpful on a lightweight horn.

Resonance XLT (extra lightweight)

Plays with the brightest sound and greatest freedom in the extreme upper register, while still feeling stable in the middle and low registers. Recommended for lead playing, commercial work, and other similar applications.



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Check out Patrick playing Maynard's 'the snake'!

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