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Resonance Testimonials

(2016) Read reviews for the new Resonance mouthpiece!


"I received a package from Dave Monette today, and when I opened it I found an all-new prototype PRANA B2S3 in the same weight as the old STC-1, but completely reconfigured. Dave told me before the package arrived that the new mouthpiece would be better in every way... and it is! It plays more even from top to bottom, and has a noticeably easier high register. It projects better, sounds livelier and has more color to the sound. It also has noticeably cleaner articulation.

Dave sent this new mouthpiece to Thompson Music because we have Bb trumpets from all the major manufactures and he wanted to have me check it out with all these horns. I tried this new mouthpiece side by side with a Prana STC1 B2S3 on every brand of trumpet we carry, and found the new mouthpiece to be an improvement on all of them. If you like the Monette Prana STC1 mouthpieces you will like this new design even more!" - Mike Thompson Thompson Music Co.


Dear David, This mouthpiece is unbelievable... I used it on Mahler 5 with the Minnesota Orchestra the first day I had it! It's a tribute to your forward thinking and research that you designed a mouthpiece that expands the center, focus, and warmth of my horn to give me even more versatility. The upper register is so easy... It has the expanse of my middle register and helps me sing through the instrument to a greater extent than before. I have a set of Mahler symphonies to record in the near future and it excites me to have this new equipment to play such great music. Congratulations!

- Manny Laureano

Principal Trumpet

Minnesota Orchestra


"I received my new Prana Resonance mouthpiece today. I warmed up a little on my old Prana mouthpiece I’ve been using, and then played on my new Resonance mouthpiece. My first thought was WOW! - I sound like I’ve been playing 5 hours a day. I noticed a greater ease and bigger more projected sound in all registers, plus more flexibility to change colors in the sound. This mouthpiece has an immediate response while tonging so that there is no distortion at the beginning of the articulation - making double and triple tonging effortless. Resonance is a perfect name for this mouthpiece. Thank you Dave for once again amazing me." - John Henes

Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Northwestern University

Former Second Trumpet, Chicago Lyric Opera


Hi Jason, Dave and all at Monette, My B6S1 Resonance/STC1 Prana Bb hit it out of the park this past weekend with Doc and the Milwaukee Symphony. There is some good stuff goin' on here! The trumpet section gave my horn some seriously envious looks, and once they asked, I spoke quite a bit to them about the mouthpieces and the horn. But this is the best. Doc offered some totally unsolicited observations as he and I commiserated at the gig last Sunday. He noticed the improvement, and commented on it at length. He said he liked the "mix" in the sound... how there's body in the sound, but it's bright too. He said I sounded great on it!

So there you have it, straight from the man. He heard exactly what the whole aim was: the integration of the sound. That's it, isn't it? It covers the gig so well. I can get enough of an orchestral sound for the Overture and the Gershwin-type stuff, but it also delivers for the lead parts on the big band tunes.

All my new mouthpieces are sounding and working great. Coming up, I'll be an extra with the Minnesota Orchestra, so the C rig will get a shakedown. My thanks to Dave and everyone in the shop for their dedication, support, fabulous work, and good cheer. I look forward to the next time I can visit!

- Brad Shermock

Lead Trumpet with the Doc Severinsen Orchestra


Hey Dave! Thanks for letting me try the new Resonance Mouthpiece this morning when I visited the shop! I couldn't believe the difference between the regular STC mouthpiece that we are all used to and the new Resonance Model. After playing just one note I stopped and immediately realized why you're calling it "Resonance"! There was an amazing difference in the sound....far more overtones and core....and in the immediate response and connection to the horn. The mouthpiece allowed me to play from top to bottom with virtually no change of color or pitch center. Wow!....a very "happy" mouthpiece, thus a real "treat" for the player. So, you've done it again!....and I hope it never stops! When we first met in 1978 and through all of the years since, I knew that you were destined to be a remarkable contributor and innovator for the Trumpet Community....I was correct as were others.

Dave, thanks for what you are doing for all of us! The "Force is Really with You" and may it continue for years to come! With highest respect and appreciation, - Gerald Best Webster

Author and Professor Emeritus of Trumpet


"Resonance mouthpieces improve both sound and comfort. They sound brighter and warmer at the same time.... like the notes have more body but somehow there's more brilliance too. After playing it for a while, I notice that my slurs are cleaner, without the tiny glitch btw notes. When I get new Monette gear, I immediately rehearse the most challenging things I'm working on to see how it affects them. This mouthpiece has helped with my execution of Clifford Brown's amazing solo on Blues Walk! Everything sounds better and feels easier with these mouthpieces. These are a no brainier!"

- Antoine Drye

New York/New Orleans Jazz Artist


"The new Resonance LT mouthpiece has so much more of everything: Fullness of sound, lightening fast response, consistency of pitch, an incredibly wide dynamic range, and a screaming upper register. What is so striking is that it takes such minimal effort. The new Resonance mouthpiece takes the air and utilizes it in the most efficient way so that you are able to project your musical and emotional ideas without impediment. It brings you ten leaps forward to feeling as though you are truly one with the horn."

- Ravi Best

Lead Trumpet with Kool and the Gang

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