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[Sorry! Offer Expired] Free Monette T-shirt! Free Monette Double Mouthpiece Case!

Updated: May 22, 2023

Now is the perfect time to order your new

Monette mouthpiece!

For EVERY new mouthpiece order placed before the end of the day on Monday 11/30, 2020 we will add one of our awesome new Monette T-shirts free of charge. These shirts are only available with new mouthpiece orders.

These new shirts are great!

  • Dark blue

  • Comfy but sturdy 100% cotton

  • Sizes S through 2X (Just add a note when you check out to tell us what size you want. Or we will contact you before shipping to ask you. Easy!)

  • Monette logo on the front

  • The unique and curvaceous new Infinity Trumpette on the back!

In addition to the t-shirt, if you order a Prana trumpet, cornet, or flugelhorn mouthpiece, we will also add a free Monette Double Mouthpiece Case to your order. You will get both the free t-shirt and free mouthpiece case! Monette Double Mouthpiece Cases are the best cases around. They will provide great protection for any two mouthpieces for trumpet, cornet, or flugelhorn.

If you don’t know what to order, no problem!

Just place your order for one of the popular sizes linked below, and when checking out add a note to your order saying that you need help selecting the size or have other questions. When we receive your order, our mouthpiece expert will contact you to answer your questions and help you select your mouthpiece. We can easily make changes to your order after it is placed, so don’t worry about ordering the wrong mouthpiece. But the order has to be placed before end of day on Monday to receive the free shirt or mouthpiece case.

Most players will find that one of our most popular sizes will work best for them. Some of these may be available for immediate shipping. Others may involve a wait time.

Popular Sizes:

For Bb trumpet:

Resonance B2 S3 (comparable to 1-1/4C)

Resonance B4S S2 (comparable to 1-1/2C)

Resonance B6 S1 (the go-to mouthpiece for any 3C, 5C, or 7C player)

Resonance LT - MF III (Our most popular lead mouthpiece!)

For C trumpet:

Resonance C2 S3 (comparable to 1-1/4C)

Resonance C4S S2 (comparable to 1-1/2C)

Resonance C6 S1 (the go-to mouthpiece for any 3C, 5C, or 7C player)

For Cornet:

Cornet B2D S3 (comparable to 1-1/4 with a deep bowl cup)

Cornet B2FL (comparable to 1-1/4 with a deep V cup)

Cornet B4SD (comparable to 1-1/2 with a deep bowl cup)

Cornet B4S FL (comparable to 1-1/2 with a deep V cup)

Cornet B6D S1 (the go-to rim size for any 3C, 5C, or 7C player; deep bowl cup)

Cornet B6 FL (the go-to rim size for any 3C, 5C, or 7C player; deep V cup)

For Flugelhorn:

(*If you don't know what shank size you need, no problem! Just tell us when checking out and we will help you!)

Resonance FLG 2 (comparable to 1-1/4 rim size, flugel cup)

Resonance FLG 4S (comparable to 1-1/2 rim size, flugel cup)

Resonance FLG 6 (the go-to rim size for any 3C, 5C, or 7C player, flugel cup)

For Trombone:

Prana TS-6 S1 (Our most popular small-shank trombone mouthpiece, comparable to 6-1/2)

Prana TT4 S1 (Our most popular large-shank trombone mouthpiece, comparable to 4G)

Need a different size? Different configuration? Or a mouthpiece for a different key of trumpet? Confused about flugelhorn shanks? No problem! Just get your order in now for ANY mouthpiece you see above and add a note during check-out saying you may need something different. Our mouthpiece expert will contact you to help you decide what will work best for you and we will change your order. Easy!

Free t-shirts and mouthpiece cases will only be available with new mouthpiece orders placed through Monday, November 30th, 2020. So place you order now! (Links to our online store above!)

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