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New 30th Anniversary RAJA III STC C Trumpet

This outrageous new C trumpet was built for our friend Matt Sonneborn, who ordered it simply by asking for the best large bell medium weight C trumpet we have ever made!

This trumpet is incredibly easy to play - particularly for players used to playing large-bell Monette instruments. It has the same proportions as Charlie Schlueter's decorated SAMADHI C trumpet and Manny Laureano's new XLT lightweight PRANA C. Once Manny's new C trumpet was finished and the design proven under fire, then Matt's bigger belled, heavier trumpet got the green light. It is made with our new MANDREL 8 LEADPIPE and the same re-proportioned design and layout that makes the new STC trumpets easier to hear both up close and at a distance than any instruments we have ever made. And the threaded integral mouthpiece makes the occasional mouthpiece change a snap for chamber work or pops concerts.

Thanks to Matt for trusting us to come up with a winner and for inspiring this new design. Charlie is smiling!

Matt Sonneborn excerpts - 30th Anniversary Raja C

Dave Bamonte excerpts - 30th Anniversary Raja C

How does it play?

This new RAJA P3-STC C trumpet is the best medium weight orchestral C trumpet we've ever built! The dynamic range is effortless at both extremes, with softs that are barely above a whisper all the way to fortissimos that can soar over any orchestra. The re-proportioned design brings the bell just slightly closer to you, so not only do you hear yourself better, but the other players in your section hear you better too.

Built with the equivalent of our mid-shank mouthpiece, this instrument has a very easy and responsive upper register for people who are comfortable with our concepts of breathing and body use. People who are comfortable playing our Prana mouthpieces will love this instrument, and be very comfortable on it right away.

As with all of our previous generation of C trumpets, the 5th partial D, Eb and E are in tune WITHOUT any alternate fingering!

Even though this is a terrific orchestral horn, it's also extremely responsive for delicate chamber or solo playing. It has a very big, rich and vibrant sound, so this is a C trumpet for people who are not afraid of having a bigger sound than trumpet players who are using non-Monette equipment!

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