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Introducing our exciting new 30th Anniversary instruments

Dave Monette decided to celebrate the company's 30th anniversary by pulling out all the stops. We were just getting around to introducing our next generation PRANA STC instruments, featured in our latest on-line NEWSLETTER, when his next brainstorm in design materialized!

These new 30th anniversary instruments use a new, improved valve section, new style pistons, plus a new leadpipe and bell design that combine to help players produce the most exciting, ringing, present sound with crazy fun overtones we have ever heard from a trumpet! Listen to the actual note being played, then hear the third, fifth and octave above that sound like strong "resultant tones" in the sound. The abundance of these ringing overtones come from a new level of resonance that still amazes us every time we hear someone play these instruments!

Our 30th anniversary upgrade can be added to any PRANA STC instrument we currently make... or even to new models that have not been produced yet! If you have a special project in mind for us to build for you we are always looking for players who are ready for the prototype! These instruments can be built as either detachable mouthpiece designs or as threaded integral mouthpiece RAJA instruments.


30th Anniversary P3 Bb with lead mouthpeice



The first of these unique new instruments was the prototype PRANA XLT-STC C trumpet delivered to Manny Laureano earlier this year. Prior to delivery, we had this trumpet at the 2012 ITG conference, and many, many people left our room remarking that it was the easiest, most responsive and most in-tune C trumpet they had ever played!



Once we knew that this new bell design was truly a winner, we were ready to build the first P3-STC RAJA C trumpet for our long-time client and friend, Matt Sonneborn. Matt's horn is the big brother of Manny's horn, with the same re-proportioned layout and exciting new bell and leadpipe, but in a heavier weight and build with with a threaded, integral mouthpiece.



The next two 30th anniversary instruments were both Bb's - A special P3 STC for Andrea Giuffredi, and a beautifulRAJA III built for Irvin Mayfield. We just delivered Irvin's trumpet the day this is being written - December 4, 2012, and Andrea's trumpet is currently at the gold plater and a few weeks away from delivery. We shot some video of ADAM RAPA playing Andrea's new trumpet in raw brass finsih with a lead mouthpiece a week or so ago when Adam visited the shop. The video and his reaction to the instrument are stunning!


We are currently accepting orders for these 30th anniversary instruments, available only in brushed 24 k gold finish. And players already on our waiting list are welcome to upgrade their orders as long as their new instruments are not already under construction. For more information please contact JASON in our office. 503 255 5552 or

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