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Our New, Production Silver Mouthpieces

New Production Silver Mouthpieces - Now in 4 Sizes!

  • Perfect for Students

  • Works on Any Key of Horn

  • Silver Plated

  • Special Introductory Price

  • In Stock for the Holidays

  • Available Direct from Us and from Dealers

It's been just over a year since we introduced our new silver plated MONETTE 6 mouthpiece, and the response has been terrific! In fact it's been so popular that we have expanded this new line of mouthpieces into our four most popular sizes!

These silver plated production mouthpieces are the most economical mouthpieces we have ever made. They are available in our four most popular rim sizes, and offer a huge improvement in sound, dynamic range and intonation over any conventional mouthpiece. Put one of these in virtually any brand of trumpet - even C, D and Eb trumpets - and feel and hear how much easier trumpet playing should be!

All Monette silver mouthpieces are made on our middle, LT (lightweight) blank, and are designed to work great on virtually any brand of trumpet. The rim contours are nearly identical between the four sizes, and are based on the popular B6S1 and B2S3 rim and cup contours.

These mouthpieces are very forgiving for people who are new to Monette equipment and concepts. After progressing on a Monette Silver series mouthpiece, a player may eventually need a specialized mouthpiece in a size other than the four silver mouthpieces sizes. For these players who need a dedicated mouthpiece for other keys of trumpet, a larger or deeper size for orchestral playing, or a mouthpiece specifically for lead trumpet, the next step is to one of our key-specific PRANA mouthpieces.

MONETTE 6 - This is the first size we made available in November of 2011, and it compares to the common 3C size. It is the exact same rim and cup as our popular B6S1, which is great for professionals who need an all-around mouthpiece, beginners, come-back players and anyone who would otherwise be using conventional 7C, 5C or 3C sizes.

MONETTE 4 - This compares to the 1 1/2 C size, and is a great step up for people who are beginning to outgrow (or out-BLOW!) the smaller MONETTE 6 mouthpiece. The rim and cup profiles are based on our B2S3, and it is great for all around playing.

MONETTE 2 - The Monette 2 has the exact same rim diameter and cup as our very popular B2S3, and it compares to an old fashioned 1 1/4 C size. This mouthpiece is great for more advanced players who are used to a larger mouthpiece and looking for a bigger sound and easier upper register, not to mention greatly improved intonation!

MONETTE 1 - The largest mouthpiece in our Silver series is our Monette 1. It has the same rim contour of the Monette 2, but in a larger diameter. It compares to the old fashioned 1C size, and is popular among orchestral players. For strong players looking for a bigger sound, or anyone who is most comfortable on a larger mouthpiece size, this is a great choice with a much easier upper register than conventional large diameter mouthpieces.

Silver Mouthpiece FAQ Video

Silver Mouthpiece Demonstration Video

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