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Introducing our new STC Bb trumpets!

Wynton Marsalis took delivery of our first P3-STC Bb over three years ago, and since then we've introduced new, re-proportioned "STC" versions of each weight and model of PRANA Bb we make. These new STC models are completely re-designed with a physical layout that makes the horn more comfortable to hold and easier to hear - both for the player behind the instrument and for the audience. The sound is livelier, the upper register is even easier, and the response is faster and at the same time more stable with "bigger targets" than previous generations of Monette instruments. We haven't formally introduced these new models on our webpage until now, however for the last two years our monthly production lists have been filled with these new STC instruments. Customers on our waiting list see and hear videos of these trumpets on our popular FACEBOOK PAGE... and many upgrade their existing order to a new STC model!


This is an exceptional all-around trumpet for players who prefer lighter weight instruments. But with the letters "MF" in the name, let there be no mistake about it... this is by far the best trumpet for lead and extreme upper register playing we have ever made! Use it with our heavier STC-1 weight mouthpieces for classical and small group work, or an "LT" or "XLT" weight lead mouthpiece to play up to double C and beyond.


This model is virtually identical to the MF STC, but made with a different bell construction that gives it a slightly more locked-in and secure response for classical, jazz and big band section players.


This model has a thicker, richer sound than our lighter Bb's. It is more secure than conventional instruments of this weight, but versatile enough for any playing situation. It is about the same weight as the most popular mass-produced trumpet, but with twice the sound!


This trumpet is the lightest of our "larger bell" instruments. The "P3" and its predecessors have been used by Wynton Marsalis for his all-around playing for the last 12+ years. This model provides a huge sound, has extra large targets for fewer missed notes, and plays louder and softer than most players ever dreamed possible. Wynton currently plays the RAJA threaded integral mouthpiece version of this instrument, pictured above. The P3-STC and its variations are the most popular instruments we make.


For twenty years players have asked for a "RAJA" version of our AJNA Bb. This is it! With the new "STC" layout and ergonomics, it is easier to hold and hear as you play, and with the threaded integral mouthpiece you can change mouthpieces when needed. This horn is a favorite at our shop! The upper register is very easy, the response is lightening fast and the sound is rich, thick and luscious!


Our latest full-weight RAJA is the best ever! It is the richest, thickest, most powerful trumpet we make. It is a full-weight, sheet braced version of Wynton's lighter RAJA III STC pictured above. Designed for jazz recording artist and Grammy Award Winner Terence Blanchard.


The FLUMPET was invented for jazz legend Art Farmer. With a thicker sound than either a flugelhorn or trumpet, the FLUMPET has the intonation, response and playing qualities of a Monette Bb trumpet on steroids!

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