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Introducing the RAJNA!

Our clients had been asking for a RAJA in this weight for twenty years! The RAJNA is an updated, threaded integral mouthpiece version of our popular AJNA trumpet. What better name for this new threaded integral mouthpiece version of this instrument than combining the words RAJA and AJNA into RAJNA!

The RAJNA is an all-new design, with the same general proportions and layout of our new PRANA STC Bb trumpets and Terence's new full weight RAJA. The layout, proportions, sheet bracing design, flange placement...even the thicknesses of the flanges and cross pieces in the sheet bracing have been optimized in each individual brace to make the horn sound better and play easier. The goal was an instrument that is so fun to play with such a strong sound and an outrageously easy upper register that you don't want to put it down.

We have several outstanding backorders of RAJNA's in Bb and C, but the first order - placed six months before a prototype was even designed - was from our client MASAKI in Japan. Thanks for inspiring us MASAKI!

Video: Here is our client Masaki playing the first RAJNA the day he flew in from Tokyo to pick it up.

Masaki takes delivery of his new RAJNA!

Our heavier instruments like the RAJNA are great choices for trumpet players who have really taken to heart our concepts of body use and breathing. People who are playing without tension or misalignment in all registers love these instruments for the easy and responsive upper register, effortless extreme dynamics and fast, secure response. As easy as they can be to play, heavier Monette instruments like the RAJNA are not the best instrument for everyone, and people who have unresolved issues with tension or breathing are usually more comfortable on our lighter instruments.

Jeff and Dave first notes on the new RAJNA

Scotty Barnhart plays the RAJNA!

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