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Tradition PLUS Mouthpieces
by Monette

20th Century Look,
21st Century Performance


The obvious improvements these new mouthpieces provide are easy to hear in this video of Portland trumpeter Charlie Porter playing one against a conventional mouthpiece in the same size.
  • Extremely easy in the upper register! The difference is obvious in the first notes played!

  • More consistent and in-tune in all registers!

  • Improved clarity in sound and articulation in all registers and at all dynamics.

  • Faster and more secure response in all registers.

  • Very easy to acclimate to, even if you've never plated a Monette mouthpiece before

  • The best option for players who want to use one mouthpiece for Bb and C trumpet

  • Easy to hear up close! The conventional weight and shape of the mouthpiece produces a sound placement that is similar to what players of conventional mouthpieces are used to.

  • They work great in sections with lightweight equipment!

  • Proven state-of-the-art Monette rim and cup designs.


The idea of Tradition PLUS mouthpieces was born when we heard that an old friend from Dave Monette's Bloomington days (1982-1983!) was going to visit the shop. This player had used conventional mouthpieces for his entire life... so we wanted to surprise him with a traditional-looking mouthpiece - like he was used to - while building in every possible state-of-the-art Monette acoustic improvement we could come up with. We wanted an obvious, dramatic improvement in intonation, sound, consistency, clarity, and overall performance of the mouthpiece. 

Monette's Custom Brass Shop

1982 Monette advertisement from one year before the first Monette trumpets were made


"The new Tradition PLUS by Monette lets the player enjoy the look and styling of the mouthpieces we grew up on with the advanced designs of Dave Monette. These new mouthpieces play very even, free blowing and great responding with a big sound and amazing projection. Try one today!"
-Mike Thompson, Thompson Music 

As it turned out, Dave's old friend had to delay his shop visit. So for the fun of it we sent our two first samples (3C and 1-1/4C comparable sizes) to Mike Thompson, owner of Thompson Music in Omaha, Nebraska. Mike tried them, immediately liked them, and started having his walk-in mouthpieces clients check them out - without telling them what they were. Mike said the response has been universally positive... and he has been keeping a waiting list of clients who have pre-ordered them!


The strength and value of tradition is powerful in the human experience. In the music world, violin makers are still imitating the Stradivarius violin 300 years later. And many wind instruments and accessories of all kinds found in music stores today look and play very much like they did decades or even a century ago. 

Our goal has always been to make mouthpieces and instruments that play better, sound better, and allow players to make more music with less effort. This has lead to many revolutionary Monette mouthpiece and instrument designs that are visually very different than the trumpet world is used to. We have over 35 years worth of mouthpiece and instrument clients that not only love the way our equipment sounds and plays, but who enjoy the revolutionary visual aspect of our work as well. 

We also work with players who enjoy some aspects of Monette equipment, but find that they are too much of a departure from what they have already experienced, either visually or aurally. It is with these musicians in mind that we're excited to introduce the new Tradition PLUS mouthpiece! 


These mouthpieces are visually very similar to most traditional mouthpieces that have been used and accepted for decades. People who simply prefer a classic appearance will love the visual appeal of these new Tradition PLUS mouthpieces. 

Of course, the most important part of any mouthpiece is how it plays. Compared to visually similar conventional mouthpieces, the new Tradition PLUS mouthpieces respond faster, feel more stable, have better intonation in all registers (the octaves line up great with little or no adjustment by the player), and have a more even sound from top to bottom.


Our lighter-weight Tradition PLUS mouthpieces have a sound placement that is similar to conventional mouthpieces, while our Prana Resonance, Classic Resonance, and Unity mouthpieces are designed to project the sound farther out away from the player. Most of our clients love the sound and feedback of their Resonance and Unity mouthpieces, but we have also worked with clients who prefer the sound to be more present right around the player (and their section). Tradition PLUS mouthpieces are made on a lightweight blank that allows the player to hear a more complete spectrum of sound behind the horn. People who are comfortable with that type of feedback, but are frustrated by the intonation tendencies of conventional mouthpieces, will LOVE the Tradition PLUS mouthpiece! 

How a player sounds is always the most important consideration, but visuals are important too. Anyone who prefers - or feels like they need - a traditional look to their equipment can play a Tradition PLUS mouthpiece and still enjoy all the things they love about Monette mouthpieces: better response, intonation, stability, etc. Those qualities are all still there, but built into a visually traditional blank. 


Instead of the all too familiar trend of getting a new mouthpiece and having the honeymoon period fade in a few hours or a few days, the honeymoon actually extends and gets better and better with these mouthpieces. As a player realizes they don't have to work so hard anymore, they automatically learn to let the mouthpiece to more of the work for them... and the more they like it! Simply by the way the octaves and all overtones line up more effortlessly with these mouthpieces, they allow and actually encourage the player to adopt a more effortless way to play and make music.

We are introducing these new mouthpieces in three sizes that currently make up almost half of our existing trumpet mouthpiece production:

Comparable to a conventional 3C
(and highly recommend for 5C and 7C players too)

Comparable to a conventional 1-1/2C

Comparable to a conventional 1-1/4C
(and highly recommended for 1-1/2C players who would prefer
a slightly larger mouthpiece if it was easier to play)


Why do we recommend these three sizes for players who may be used to a slightly smaller size? Given the limitations of conventional mouthpieces, players have often had to choose between a big sound or an easier upper register. With these mouthpieces you can have a bigger sound and an easier upper register. (Watch the Charlie Porter comparison video at the top of this page.) Many players we work with would love to play a slightly larger rim size either for a bigger sound or larger feel on the chops (or both!). Since the Tradition PLUS mouthpieces are simply easier to play than conventional mouthpieces, it's much easier to move to that slightly larger size without sacrificing range or endurance. Hundreds if not thousands of previous 7C, 5C, and 1-1/2C players have moved to a very slightly larger Monette mouthpiece size and never looked back. A couple thousandths of an inch just doesn't feel that different when the mouthpiece plays better!


The first rack of Tradition PLUS mouthpieces (before plating)

Players of all ages and ability levels who prefer the sound placement and visual look of a conventional mouthpiece love these new mouthpieces because they make sound, response, intonation, and everything else more effortless without compromise. 

Prices for the Tradition PLUS by Monette:

Silver Plated: $205 USD (plus shipping)

Gold Plated: $255 USD (plus shipping)

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For more information, contact our shop by email or phone:


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