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Tradition PLUS

20th Century Look, 21st Century Performance!


These mouthpieces are visually very similar to most traditional mouthpieces that have been used and accepted for the last century. People who simply prefer a classic appearance will love the visual appeal of these new Tradition PLUS mouthpieces.


Of course, the most important part of any mouthpiece is how it plays. Compared to visually similar conventional mouthpieces, the new Tradition PLUS mouthpieces play with the following characteristics:


  • Extremely easy in the upper register! The difference is obvious in the first notes played
  • More consistent and in-tune in all registers
  • Improved clarity in sound and articulation in all registers and at all dynamics
  • Faster and more secure response in all registers


Additional Characteristics:

  • Very easy to acclimate to, even if you’ve never played a Monette mouthpiece before
  • The best option for players who want to use one mouthpiece for Bb and C trumpet
  • Easy to hear up close! The conventional weight and shape of the mouthpiece produces a sound placement that is similar to what players of conventional mouthpieces are used to
  • They work great in sections with lightweight equipment
  • Proven state-of-the-art Monette rim and cup designs


The Tradition PLUS is made in three sizes:


Size 2 - Comparable to a conventional 1-1/4C (and highly recommended for 1-1/2C players who would prefer a slightly larger mouthpiece if it was easier to play)


Size 3 - Comparable to a conventional 1-1/2C


Size 6 - Comparable to a conventional 3C (and highly recommended for 5C and 7C players too)


If you aren't sure what will work best for you, please contact our shop and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. You can also email our mouthpiece expert BJ Cord at

Tradition PLUS

PriceFrom $215.00
  • Monette mouthpieces are made-to-order and usually will not be available as ready-made stock. The standard estimated wait time to have a trumpet mouthpiece made is approximately 6-8 weeks. Unity mouthpieces for Bb and C trumpet are often available within a shorter wait time. Uncommon sizes can involve a longer wait time. The exact wait time is unpredictable, as it is affected by many variables. We cannot guarantee an exact completion date or shipping date in advance. Thank you very much for your patience while you are waiting for your mouthpiece to be made for you.

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