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Scotty Barnhart plays a private concert at our shop - then records a new solo CD with Ellis Marsalis

Scotty Barnhart has recorded his first solo CD, with most of the music recorded in New Orleans with pianists Ellis Marsalis and Marcus Roberts - and with a bonus track recorded in New York with a special guest. In preparation for the recording, Scotty visited the shop for some custom mouthpiece work to upgrade to a new "SLAP" mouthpiece design. At the end of his one day visit, he played a private concert for the staff and a select group of friends.

For years Scotty played our B1-5 model mouthpiece, but to kick it in to the next level for the CD we designed the new B1-5 "SLAP 4" for him. Like all our "SLAP" mouthpieces, this new model has the same rim as Scotty's old mouthpiece, but incorporates a custom cup design that allows a bigger, boomier sound, faster response, easier upper register and larger "targets" on the notes. Scotty had the new mouthpiece for all of about 2 hours before playing the evening concert at our shop for us! As usual, no one in the audience had a clue he was using new equipment - including a borrowed FLUMPET he picked up for the first time from the side of the stage during the first set!!!

Scotty's description of his new Monette B1-5 S4 mouthpiece:

"With this new Prana B1-5 S4 mouthpiece you made for me I'm playing consistent double C's anytime with ease! What you did gives me even more freedom and support without having to sacrifice one or the other. Unbelievable. But the warmth and feel of it is what allows me to get the sound I want whether it is with my small group work in the studio or especially with the Basie Orchestra. I just finished two Basie tours with the new mouthpiece, and it's heaven. The versatility of it allowed me to play solo and lead trumpet for Barry Manilow, Johnny Mathis, Pat Boone, and others here in LA at the Beverly Hilton last week in a tribute to Andy Williams. This new design you made for me just made my life even easier as a professional trumpeter. Thanks a million Dave!!!!"

Scotty's note to Dave describing the recording session:

Hey Dave,

The recording session in New Orleans went great. I signed with the record label Unity Music back in April. It's my very first recording contract as a leader and I waited 15 years for the right opportunity to come along. They are all very excited about the project as am I and with the likes of Ellis Marsalis, Marcus Roberts, Wycliffe Gordon, Bennie Maupin (former saxophonist with Miles and Lee Morgan), and my colleagues at FSU, and not to mention Clark Terry and a very, very special guest that everyone knows, the final product is sure to be one I'm proud of. We have already finished 8 of the 12 songs for the CD with the remaining 4 to be finished by the end of July.

I also enjoyed using the Flumpet for the session, and everyone loved the sound! I used it on an original of mine that I wrote for the late author Alex Haley entitled "Haley's Passage." There is a video clip on my Youtube page of that particular take and Unity filmed the entire two day session in high definition DVD. I've completed the trumpet/piano duet with Ellis Marsalis, bassist Rodney Jordan and drummer Leon Anderson (head of Jazz Studies at FSU). In addition I've recorded quartet/sextet pieces with Delfeayo Marsalis on trombone (also engineer), along with pianists Bill Peterson and Lindsey Sarjeant. There is also one of our FSU students on guitar, Rick Lollar, who will be a big surprise to everyone.

Perhaps the highlight of the two day session besides hearing Ellis do his piano intros was the last minute addition of master percussionist/jazz drummer Herlin Riley. He came in and played the tambourine on one of my originals that I wrote for my experience growing up in Ebenezer Baptist Church with Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr. It's called Say It Plain - which is what he used to tell his son, Dr. King, Jr., when he was preaching.

Thanks Dave!


Check the videos out below for a sampler of some of the trumpet and FLUMPET tunes Scotty played for us at the shop.

Also, check out the YouTube video Scotty posted of the actual recording session in New Orleans for Unity Music at Piety Street Studios playing the same borrowed FLUMPET on the original tune "Haley's Passage.

Scotty shows off some amazing fast finger technique with his new inlaid fingerbuttons on his PRANA AJNA Bb on YouTube.

Watch Scotty's website for more information about a release date:

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