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Announcing our all-new 2007 PRANA C Trumpets

Our all-new, 2007 PRANA C trumpets are here! These instruments represent a whole new chapter in the evolution of Monette C trumpets - and the difference can be felt and heard in the first few notes you play. With field-testing over the last two years by some of the best orchestral and chamber players we work with in Europe, Scandanavia and the United States, we are excited to announce that these designs are now ready for all of our clients.

The new tooling we have developed over the last two years is now in place, and virtually every part of these instruments is an upgrade from the instruments we have made in the past. From the valve sections to the fingerbuttons to the tuning slides to the mouthpiece receivers to the leadpipes to the pistons and even to the waterkeys, the parts for these new models are all made on our state-of-the-art CNC lathe and CNC mill. While any one of these individual improvements alone would be noticeable to most players, taken collectively the improvements in these remarkable instruments make them so easy to play they vibrate like crazy in your hands as you play! They also give you a crisper, cleaner, more brilliant sound with even more stability of response than our previous models.

A new addition to our line of C instruments is our new XLT weight C trumpet, which is the lightest C trumpet we have ever made. It is slightly lighter than many mass produced C trumpets, is extremely easy to play, and still retains all the positive qualities Monette instruments are known for. Check out the video clips on this page of Urban and Joakim Agnas from their performance at our January 2007 shop All-Star Concert. Joakim is using his new PRANA XLT C, while his brother Urban is using his new PRANA LT C.

One of the biggest improvements in all of our new C instruments is our "tall valve section" and "wide radius" tuning slide and bell bends. These features combined with our new drilling pattern for the ports of the valves and valve casings makes these horns extremely forgiving to play Ewith very large "targets" on each note. Larger targets allow any player to find a wider range of colour and timbre, and at the same time allows you to keep playing longer when you otherwise might be, as one of our good friends says, "on your teeth!"

If you have any questions about our new 2007 PRANA C instruments,

please give us a call or drop us an email at:


Urban and Joakim Agnas are brothers from Stockholm,Sweden, and have been Monette instrument clients since the mid-1980's. They have both been overdue to get new updated C trumpets, and their visit to pick them up in January sparked a small convention of other friends who wanted to "join the hang." We ended up not only delivering new PRANA C trumpets to both of them, but we also designed and cut all-new custom "SLAP" mouthpieces for them during their visit as well. We love these guys so much, and when you watch the video clips you will see why. And for those of you wondering, they played the concert and made the clips on horns they had only owned for a few days!

Manny Laureano is a regular visitor here at our shop, and he and Dave Bamonte have been making video clips using our new PRANA C trumpets during Manny’s visits here for the last two years or so. These guys sound great together, with unisons that sound like one trumpet and with resultant tones flying all over the room! Check out the latest video clip, including an outrageous Petrouchka excerpt that most of the rest of the orchestral trumpet world plays on piccolo trumpet! For the video clip on this page, Manny used our new PRANA LT C, and Dave used our mid-shank PRANA 1 C. Both players used their own models of custom "SLAP" mouthpieces.

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