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Charlie Schlueter, Retirement Video

Charles Schlueter recently retired from the Boston Symphony - and he will surely be missed. Charlie's sound, personality and approach to playing allowed him a wider range of expression than most of us had ever dreamed of hearing in an orchestra or anywhere else! As Doc Severinsen recently put it, "this is truly the end of an era." For some of Charlie's thoughts on the orchestral world, please refer to his remarkably insightful article on orchestral auditions found in our Summer 2006 on-line newsletter (Schlueter On Auditions).

In typical fashion, Charlie is busier than ever, with teaching at New England Conservatory and traveling regularly for concerts and clinics in Japan, Brazil and Europe. And if that isn't enough, his fifth and sixth solo CD’s are now in the works! We will save the details for Charlie to release on his own web site (visit it here!), but he will be playing both old favorites and new music written for him on these new CD's.

Thanks for all the inspiration over the years Charlie. Don, Bill, Eddie, and Charlie Archibald are all smiling down on you... and we bet they can't wait to hear the new solo CD's!

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