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PRANA mouthpieces, Introducing the next generation of Monette

Monette PRANA mouthpieces may be the biggest single improvement in Monette equipment ever. Prana means the "energy of life." Appropriately named, Prana mouthpieces provide more brilliance and color in the sound, a more open, centered and effortless response, and a noticeably easier upper register! They also provide improved intonation and an overall ease of playing not found in even standard Monette mouthpieces.


"Well, just when you figured this is as good as it gets, Dave makes another giant leap toward perfection. The new "Prana" is as big an improvement over standard Monette mouthpieces, as Monette mouthpieces are an improvement over everything that went before. Congratulations Dave!"

- Charles Schlueter

"When I first put it in the horn, everything was immediately better! I used it the whole night that first night, and haven't looked back since. This may finally be the elusive 'guaranteed double high C mouthpiece!' My only question is, what do I tell people when they ask what the secret is?"

- Maynard Ferguson


Prana Mouthpiece FAQ


How do I know a Prana mouthpiece is right for me?

Prana mouthpieces are easier to play and they project better - especially for players who play "loose" enough to let them really work! If you relate to Monette "constant pitch center" equipment, you will most likely love Prana mouthpieces. If you compensate and play "tight," you probably will not! Please refer to the "Acclimation Tips" and "Body Use and Resonance" links in the MOUTHPIECE section of our WEB site for more information.

Can I upgrade my old Monette mouthpiece?

There is no way to upgrade an existing mouthpiece. The only way to get a Prana mouthpiece is to purchase one directly from an authorized Monette mouthpiece dealer or from our shop.

I do not currently use Monette mouthpieces. Should I consider purchasing a Prana?

Unless you already play Monette mouthpieces and you know what size Monette rim and cup size works for you, we advise you to consider purchasing a less expensive, standard model Monette mouthpiece. There is less initial investment, and these still have the "constant pitch center" design Monette mouthpieces are famous for.

Standard model Monette mouthpieces are available at all Monette mouthpiece dealers and directly from our shop.

How is the production of the Prana different that my current Monette mouthpiece?

Prana mouthpieces are more difficult for us to make, and they require more play-testing and adjustment. Beyond that, there are trade secret design considerations, which we choose to keep secret.

Is the Prana appropriate for all players?

Prana mouthpieces are superior in every way - however, they still do not play themselves! If a player understands the basic concepts behind Monette mouthpieces, they will experience the improvements immediately. As with all Monette equipment, the "tighter" a player plays, the fewer benefits they will realize using Prana mouthpieces.

Any special handling requirements?

Like all Monette mouthpieces, the Prana series is very delicate. They are hand-adjusted, and these adjustments will usually be destroyed if the mouthpiece is damaged in any way. We recommend using one of our double mouthpiece cases which are specially designed to protect your Monette mouthpiece.

To best protect your Monette mouthpiece, it should be "in the case or in your horn making music."

How long is the wait?

Prana mouthpieces are made to order, and there is a backorder. Please call to check for current delivery times.

I own a Monette trumpet - will a Prana help me?

YES! Prana mouthpieces are designed to give the player much more freedom and control over their music. They work especially well for players who have already acclimated to Monette equipment. To date, every Monette instrument client we have had try a Prana loved it from the first few notes! If your instrument is out of adjustment, however, positive results from using a Prana mouthpiece may be reduced proportionately to how out of adjustment your instrument may be. Of course, this is true even with standard Monette mouthpieces.

Are old Monette mouthpieces obsolete?

No, they are not. There is simply now an option for purchasing an improved version of what you already use, if you choose to upgrade.


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