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Important things to know about Monette high-brass mouthpieces.

Monette mouthpieces are revolutionary. Our constant-pitch-center designs allow brass players more freedom to make music. This section lists our mouthpiece models. Following this section is advice on how to choose the best size mouthpiece for your needs, and acclimation tips to help you get the most out of our designs.

Important Things to Know about Monette High-Brass Mouthpieces

  • Monette mouthpieces are to be used only on the key of trumpet for which the mouthpiece is designed, e.g., Bb trumpet mouthpieces are for use on Bb trumpets only, C trumpet mouthpieces for use on C trumpets only, etc.

  • Any alteration or modification of a Monette mouthpiece, including opening the throat, will destroy the playing characteristics of the mouthpiece.

  • Rim and cup sizes of all Bb trumpet mouthpieces are identical to the corresponding C trumpet, E b trumpet, piccolo trumpet, and cornet mouthpieces, to facilitate changing instruments.

  • Monette mouthpieces are finished in 24k gold.

  • Each rim size is available with a FLUMPET™ “V” cup.

  • Attempting to use a Monette mouthpiece that is mismatched in weight for a given instrument will greatly compromise the sound and response of that instrument. Of all the models of Bb mouthpieces, only the Monette STC-1 and LT mouthpieces are designed for use on non-Monette instruments. The other, heavier mouthpiece models will not “match” the weight of conventional instruments, and therefore we offer them only to players who use an appropriate model of Monette instrument.

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