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Eb Trumpet Mouthpieces

Designed to be used on Eb trumpets only, these mouthpieces offer dramatically improved intonation and sound, and remarkable ease in the upper register. No more struggling for "high C" on Eb trumpet! This is one of the most successful mouthpiece series we produce, as they are such a tremendous improvement over conventional mouthpieces on virtually any brand of Eb instrument.

Eb mouthpieces are available in all standard Monette rim and cup sizes.

This list represents some of the more popular sizes we offer.

Mouthpieces are listed from widest to narrowest inside rim diameters.



Great for producing a huge, robust sound. The rim and cup are the same as with our B1-1 and C1-1, but despite the cup depth, there is virtually no sacrifice in the upper register response and intonation. Designed for Charles Schlueter, principal trumpet of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.



This model has exactly the same rim and cup as our B1-2 and C1-2. Designed for Manny Laureano, principal trumpet of the Minnesota Orchestra.



A popular mouthpiece for players who are used to using the B1-5 and C1-5 series mouthpieces.



An extremely popular mouthpiece, this model may be the best all-around choice of E b mouthpiece for many players. It is large enough to produce a rich, full sound, and still efficient enough to make the upper register very easy and forgiving.



A popular mouthpiece for players who are used to using a B4 and/or C4 mouthpiece.



This is the smallest E b mouthpiece we make, and is best for players who prefer a small mouthpiece or who have to play extended pas-sages in the upper register.


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