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Bb Cornet Mouthpiece

These revolutionary cornet mouthpieces are true “constant-pitch-center” designs, and provide a depth of sound, consistency of response, and ease in the upper register never before possible on Bb cornet. Please note that Monette cornet mouthpieces are special-order items, and may take longer for delivery than our standard model mouthpieces. For a complete list of available cornet sizes, please refer to our list of standard Bb trumpet mouthpiece sizes. We suggest considering our deep “Vee” cornet cups for a true, turn-of-the-century cornet sound.

Available cornet cup depths for standard Monette rim sizes include:



Standard trumpet cup

(bowl shape)


Example: Cornet B2 S3



Deepened trumpet cup

(bowl shape, available in most sizes)


Example: Cornet B2D S3



Deep FLUMPET™ cup

(“Vee” shape)


Example: Cornet B2 FL


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