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Unity Retro for Bb Trumpet

New Unity Retro Mouthpieces for Non-Monette Bb Trumpets!


Do you like how you sound on conventional lightweight mouthpieces, but are tired of fighting the common intonation problems so many players face? 


Our new Unity Retro design allows the player to more easily control the standard intonation inconsistencies that are often built-in to production instruments. This includes the constricted and flat upper register, the flat D, Eb and E of the 5th partial, and the sharp G at the top of the staff. 


Mike Thompson’s first comment after playing the prototypes was how the sound placement is so similar to conventional production mouthpieces—but how dramatically easier the upper register is… and how in-tune and forgiving they are to play. All this allows for a quick and easy acclimation even if you have never played a Monette mouthpiece before. 


Like all Unity Mouthpieces, these new “Retro” models have a much larger sweet spot on every note, and provide more brilliance, clarity and overtones. The feel and sound in every register and at every dynamic level is much more consistent than is possible with conventional lightweight mouthpieces. Our original standard-weight Unity mouthpieces are also designed for non-Monette instruments, but for players who prefer a more locked-in feel, and a thicker, more concentrated sound.  


Unity Retro mouthpieces have our newest Unity cup designs, backbore configurations, and rim contours. Like all other Unity mouthpieces, this gives them the fastest response, cleanest articulation, and the most even and forgiving feel in all registers of any Monette mouthpiece! These mouthpieces are new versions of our Unity mouthpieces, made with a different “retro” body shape. Even though they share the look of our Tradition Plus mouthpieces, they have Unity playing characteristics.


Our introductory Unity Retro sizes:


B2-7 (1 1/4C equivalent)

B4-7 (1 1/2C or New York 3C equivalent)

B6-7 (Modern 3C equivalent) 


All three models have our new -7 rim contour—which most clients find to be more comfortable—while providing even cleaner articulation. 


“The new Monette mouthpiece prototypes are really amazing. The ease of playing across all registers—and the accessibility of the upper register—is really remarkable. I also loved the shape of sound and ability to quickly change and access different tonal colors.” 

-Dr. Jesse McBee


Plating & Finish

Unity Retro mouthpieces can be plated in 24k brushed gold, or bright silver.

Unity Retro for Bb Trumpet

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