This new mouthpiece has already become quite popular just by word of mouth since Wynton started using it earlier this year. Dave Monette took over a year to develop this design, making too many prototypes to remember! The goal was simply to design a replacement for the C2 that was better in every way. Dave wanted a mouthpiece that had a richer, livelier sound, a faster response, and larger "targets" on each note… oh, and an easier upper register too! We did it.

C2 S3

  • Monette mouthpieces are made to order and take about 6-8 weeks to produce. The mouthpiece will ship immediately when available - even if this is ahead of the production schedule. In the event of an unexpected production delay, Monette staff will contact you directly to update you regarding delivery schedule.

  • Due to the unique nature of our made to order products, we do not provide return, refund, or exchange services.