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BL S1 - Classic Resonance LT, Prana Resonance LT, and Prana Resonance XLT

Size Comparison: Conventional 14A4a

The very first Monette lead mouthpiece created in the mid-1980s was called the BL (B for Bb trumpet, L for Lead). Like most of the original Monette mouthpiece sizes, the BL had its cup design improved in the mid 2000s, with the more modern version named BL S1. The BL S1 has been an extremely popular lead mouthpiece since that time, with its bright but fat sound, comfortable rim, and great upper register support. For players who are accustomed to the ubiquitous 14A4a, or who simply prefer a lead mouthpiece on the small-ish side, the BL S1 is an excellent option.

The BL S1 is typically made in the lightweight Resonance LT body.

The BL S1 can also be made in the extra-lightweight Resonance XLT body (Prana configuration only) for players who prefer an even brighter lead sound.

Plating & Finish:
Classic Resonance mouthpieces have a shiny, buffed 24k gold finish
Prana Resonance mouthpieces have a brushed 24k gold finish


PriceFrom $295.00
  • Monette mouthpieces are made-to-order and usually will not be available as ready-made stock. The standard estimated wait time to have a trumpet mouthpiece made is approximately 6-8 weeks. Unity mouthpieces for Bb and C trumpet are often available within a shorter wait time. Uncommon sizes can involve a longer wait time. The exact wait time is unpredictable, as it is affected by many variables. We cannot guarantee an exact completion date or shipping date in advance. Thank you very much for your patience while you are waiting for your mouthpiece to be made for you.

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