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Bb Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpieces


Mouthpieces for Bb piccolo trumpet can be made in two different weights:

  • Standard-weight - For the best stability and projection
  • Lightweight - For a brighter sound and lighter feel


Classic & Prana Internal Configurations

  • Prana mouthpieces allow for the most resonant sound, most effortless playing, and most consistent pitch and timbre
  • Classic mouthpieces can feel more forgiving for players who tend to play with a tighter physical approach, or who are accustomed to a non-Monette mouthpiece


If you don't see the size that you want, just select 'Other Size' and write in the size you would like in the 'Add A Note' section when checking out.


Partial List of Sizes that can be made for Bb Piccolo Trumpet:
Very large 1-1 rim

BP1-1 S1 - deep cup
BP1-1 S5 - standard-depth cup
BP1-1LD S1 - semi-shallow cup

BP1-1L S1 - shallow cup
Large 1-2 Rim
BP1-2 S3 - standard-depth cup
BP1-2LD S1 - semi-shallow cup
Large 1-4 Rim
BP1-4 S6 - standard-depth cup
Large 1-5 Rim (comparable to conventional 1C)
BP1-5 S4 - standard-depth cup
BP1-5 S3 - slightly shallow cup
BP1-5LD S7 - semi-shallow cup

BP1-5L - shallow cup
Medium-Large 2 Rim (comparable to conventional 1-1/4C)
BP2 S3 - standard-depth cup
BP2LD S1 - semi-shallow cup

BP2L S3 - in-between shallow and semi-shallow

BP2L S1 - shallow cup
Medium 3 rim
BP3 S3 - standard-depth cup
Medium 4 rim (sharp bite)
BP4 S3 - standard-depth cup
Medium 4S rim (comparable to conventional 1-1/2C)
BP4S S2 - standard-depth cup
Medium 4L rim
BP4LD S1 - semi-shallow cup

BP4L S1 - shallow cup
Medium-Small 6 rim (comparable to conventional 3C/5C/7C)
BP6 S1 - standard-depth cup
BP6LD S1 - semi-shallow cup

BP6L S1 - shallow cup
Small L rim
BPLM S1 - semi-shallow cup

BPL S1 - shallow cup

Small MFIII rim

BP MF III - shallow cup

Bb Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpieces

PriceFrom $275.00