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B4S S2

B4S S2 - Classic Resonance & Prana Resonance


Size Comparison: modern 1-1/2C, Mt. Vernon-era Bach 3C


The original Monette B4 from the 1980s had a somewhat flat rim contour. When our friend, legendary jazz and studio player Lew Soloff asked as to create a mouthpiece for him with the same type of rim as his favorite Mt. Vernon-era Bach 3C, the original B4S was the result - with the letter S indicating that the B4S was the 'Soloff' mouthpiece in the B4 size. The B4S rim was not as flat as the B4 rim, with less bite on the inside edge. The B4S quickly became an extremely popular mouthpiece for players who are accustomed to the size of a modern 1-1/2C. When its cup was modernized in the mid 2000s, the B4S became the B4S S2.



The B4S S2 is made in the standard-weight Resonance body.


Plating & Finish:

Classic Resonance mouthpieces have a shiny, buffed 24k gold finish

Prana Resonance mouthpieces have a brushed 24k gold finish

B4S S2

PriceFrom $275.00