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B4LD S1:

Classic Resonance LT & Prana Resonance LT (lightweight)

Classic Resonance & Prana Resonance (standard-weight)


Size Comparison: Conventional 1-1/2 or 2 rim size with D cup depth


For many years the B4LD S1 (along with the slightly shallower B4L S1) has been the go-to lead mouthpiece size for players who prefer a B4 (1-1/2C equivalent) rim size or larger. With its improved 'Slap' cup contour, the B4LD S1 replaced the original B4LD in the mid 2000s. This combination of fairly large rim size with a semi-shallow cup makes for an extremely versatile mouthpiece. It works very well for lead players who don't like small/shallow cups, and it can function as the perfect compromise between a standard-depth cup and a shallow lead cup. Very popular with Broadway show players, big band section players, and players who want one mouthpiece that they can use for both lead playing and non-lead playing.



The B4LD S1 is most commonly made in the lightweight Resonance LT body. It can also be made in the standard-weight Resonance body, for players who prefer some extra stability, and a thicker sound with a bit less brightness.


Plating & Finish:

Classic Resonance mouthpieces have a shiny, buffed 24k gold finish

Prana Resonance mouthpieces have a brushed 24k gold finish


PriceFrom $275.00