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NY jazz trumpeter, Mark Rapp, receives his raffle price - custom inlaid fingerbuttons of his choice!

A year ago we had our first INLAID FINGER BUTTON CONTEST survey and raffle, and we announced last July that New York recording artist Mark Rapp was the randomly selected raffle winner. We apologize to Mark for taking so long to post this story showing his prize - the custom finger buttons we made for him.

In the mean time, Mark has been very busy with his career. He has been voted one of the “Top 25 Emerging Jazz Trumpeters” by DownBeat Magazine. The Mark Rapp Group recently presented a showcase performance at The Blue Note in New York. His most recent CD, Rapp's debut recording effort, was produced by Grammy winner Jason Olaine.

Mark will be featured at this year’s Newport Jazz Festival, August 8-10, and can be heard every Friday night at The Carnegie Club, 156 West 56th Street NY, NY. For a complete listing of upcoming performances, visit Marks WEB site:

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