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Introducing the B6 "slap" mouthpiece, designed for Atlanta lead player, Ron Turner

Ever since the first SLAP mouthpieces were made, players have been asking for a B6 SLAP mouthpiece. The B6 has, in previous years, been our most popular mouthpiece - only recently beat out by our new B2S3 SLAP model. Now we finally have a B6 SLAP that has been field tested and is ready for prime time!

This model was developed with the help of the amazing Atlanta freelance lead player Ron Turner. Ron has been a Monette instrument and mouthpiece client for the last 8 years. He has traveled all over the United States playing lead trumpet on many shows over the years - most recently handling the lead book on the touring production of the Broadway hit SPAMALOT. Ron’s powerful sound and ringing projection have caused his local section mates all over the country to call us and order mouthpieces so they can just try and keep up!

About a year ago and half ago we started sending Ron prototype SLAP B6 mouthpieces. Ron took to the cup design instantly, and started using the first one as soon as he got it. Periodically we sent him unsolicited updates as we figured out more on how to proportion the shape and size of the backbore to optimize the B6 SLAP cup design. Ron has long since settled in on the new mouthpiece, as have dozens of other players who we have been selling this new model to by word of mouth for over a year now!

Ron Turner is now living outside of Atlanta GA and is available for freelance work in Atlanta and all around the southeastern United States.

Our thanks to Ron for the years of faithful and remarkably helpful field testing he has given us from pit orchestra locations all over the United States!

The B6 SLAP mouthpiece (B6 S1) is now available directly from our shop and from Monette mouthpiece dealers everywhere.

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