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Disassembled Clarinet

Monette Instrument Owners

If you own a Monette trumpet or other Monette instrument, this section is for you.

Monette instruments are unique and require unique care in order to play their best. Owners of Monette instruments are encouraged to become a site member so that they can have easy access to information, recommendations, advice, supplies, and more. Instrument owners can also use their member page to order specialty mouthpieces and to schedule cleanings, repairs, and adjustments.

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Monette Mouthpiece Dealers

If you are a Monette mouthpiece dealer, this section is for you.

When in need of this service, the first thing we’ll do is a general assessment of the situation. After assessing the extent of work needed, we’ll see what we can do for each of our customers. Please note we employ a case-to-case warranty policy for all our products.

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