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A New Monette Creation: Adam Rapa's new four valve Bb... The P3-4 TANTRA!

Adam Rapa started asking us about a four valve insturment last year. He was looking for an instrument with an extended low register and a new sound that offered more power and a wider variety of colors than even his regular, custom PRANA 3 Bb. Since many players have asked us over the years to build various four valve instruments, we decided to take the plunge into four valve reality and see what we could come up with.

The big challenge with this instrument was getting the resistance of the instrument just right, and to maintain true, constant pitch center not only in the open horn, but with each of the four individual valves, and in all possible valve combinations. Bingo!... We got it!!!

We will post more detailed information including much more video in the next Monette online NEWSLETTER, coming in a few months. In the mean time please enjoy the video of Adam playing his first notes on the finished instrument. And you can stay up to date with day to day events here at the shop by visiting our new FACEBOOK page...

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