New lead mouthpiece!


The Monette L is a new lead trumpet mouthpiece designed to be just as forgiving and easy to play as our other Silver Series mouthpieces.  The rim and cup is identical to our very popular MF III, and it is a great mouthpiece for lead trumpet, big band, and commercial playing.  This size is excellent for players who are new to Monette mouthpieces, or who already play another Monette Silver Series mouthpiece, and who need a dedicated mouthpiece for lead trumpet playing. 

Silver Monette L

  • These silver plated production mouthpieces are the most economical mouthpieces we have ever made. They are available in our four most popular rim sizes, and offer a huge improvement in sound, dynamic range and intonation over any conventional mouthpiece. Put one of these in virtually any brand of trumpet - even C, D and Eb trumpets - and feel and hear how much easier trumpet playing should be!

    All Monette silver mouthpieces are made on our middle, LT (lightweight) blank, and are designed to work great on virtually any brand of trumpet. The rim contours are nearly identical between the four sizes, and are based on the popular B6S1 and B2S3 rim and cup contours.

    These mouthpieces are very forgiving for people who are new to Monette equipment and concepts. After progressing on a Monette Silver series mouthpiece, a player may eventually need a specialized mouthpiece in a size other than the four silver mouthpieces sizes. For these players who need a dedicated mouthpiece for other keys of trumpet, a larger or deeper size for orchestral playing, or a mouthpiece specifically for lead trumpet, the next step is to one of our key-specific PRANA mouthpieces.

  • Due to the unique nature of our made to order products, we do not provide return, refund, or exchange services.