The Prana Resonance XLT Lead Mouthpieces are the best lead mouthpieces we have ever made! Of the three different weights of Monette Resonance mouthpieces, this extra lightweight provides the brightest sound and greatest freedom in the extreme upper register. 


  • Available in 4 sizes: 
    • MF III - Our #1 most popular small-diameter lead mouthpiece. Designed for Maynard Ferguson and used by many! Size comparison: Schilke 13A4a
    • BL S1 - The same size as the original Monette lead mouthpiece called the BL. Size comparison: Schilke 14A4a
    • BL4 S6 - Designed for Patrick Hession and great for players who prefer a very small diameter and very shallow cup. Size comparison: Schilke 11A
    • B6 S1 - The largest of the four sizes. This is a very popular size for all-around playing, and great for players who prefer a lead mouthpiece with a medium diameter and a standard-depth cup. Size comparison: Bach 3C, 5C, and 7C.


  • Made in Prana configuration only
  • Choice of brushed 24 karat gold or bright silver plating
  • The extra light weight makes this mouthpiece ideal for lead and commercial styles of playing where a bright sound is desirable.
  • The choice between the Resonance XLT, the slightly heavier Resonance LT, and the standard-weight Resonance mouthpiece will depend on the specific needs of the player. If you have questions or would like advice and consultation, please contact our shop. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click 'Email Us' to send questions to our mouthpiece consultant B.J. You should receive a response within several business days.


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Prana Resonance XLT Lead Mouthpieces

  • If you are unsure about what to order, please contact our shop so we can help you make your selection.

    Due to the unique nature of our made-to-order products, we cannot provide returns, refunds, or exchanges.

    If there is a problem with your order, please contact our shop and we will help you.

  • Mouthpieces may appear as "in stock" in our online store ONLY FOR ORDERING PURPOSES. The online store does not provide information about current availability or shipping dates. If you would like to know whether or not a mouthpiece is available for immediate shipping, please contact us by phone or email.

    Monette mouthpieces are made-to-order and there will usually be a wait time to have one made for you. A typical wait time for the Resonance XLT is 6-8 weeks but we cannot guarantee an exact shipping date, due to a wide variety of factors.