*All new flugelhorn mouthpieces are now made in the Resonance body shape.


The FLG L2 has the same rim as our BL2 lead mouthpiece. Please note that this is a different rim from the BL2 S3. The BL2 rim is considered comparable in size to the Schilke size 13, and is nearly identical in size to the MF II and MF III. The FLG L2 is made for players who play the BL2 (not the BL2 S3) and would like a flugelhorn mouthpiece with the same rim. If you do not already use the BL2 but want a mouthpiece this size, you may find the FLG MF III to be a better and more comfortable option. 


For shank size info, click here [link coming soon!]

For help deciding between Classic and Prana, please see our Mouthpiece Selection Guide (in the Mouthpieces menu at the top of the page).

Resonance FLG L2

  • Monette mouthpieces are made to order and take about 6-8 weeks to produce. The mouthpiece will ship immediately when available - even if this is ahead of the production schedule. In the event of an unexpected production delay, Monette staff will contact you directly to update you regarding delivery schedule.