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Monette Resonance Mouthpieces

THE EVOLUTION OF REVOLUTION CONTINUES... We are excited to announce the biggest single improvement in Monette mouthpieces ever...




These mouthpieces are the first improvement to our Classic STC-1 mouthpieces since they were introduced in 1987! And the first major improvement to our top of the line PRANA mouthpieces since they were introduced in 2002. This all-new design has taken three years and dozens of dozens of prototype variations to develop.

Resonance mouthpieces are made in both our CLASSIC and PRANA configurations, and are key-specific; made for instruments pitched in either Bb and C.

The CLASSIC version is more affordable, and more forgiving to play for players new to Monette equipment. They sound and feel like luxury sedans drive! The PRANA version is the best of the best, and sounds and feels more like a high performance sports car drives! Both have a more integrated, homogeneous sound, with a more resonant mix of overtones. They have a more seamless blend of lows, mids and highs than ever before.

The improvements you'll notice immediately on either configuration include:

  • An easier, more in-tune upper register

  • Better projection

  • Faster, more locked in and secure response

  • More homogeneous sound with more overtones

  • More freedom and ease in flexibility

  • Easiest transition for players new to Monette mouthpieces

And our new Resonance mouthpieces work great on virtually any brand of trumpet. If you have been waiting to switch to a Monette mouthpiece, now its easier than ever!


If you are not currently playing on a Monette mouthpiece, the Classic Resonance is easier to just pick up and play than any mouthpiece we have ever made. It's very forgiving to play, especially for players who are new to our equipment.

If you already play a Classic STC-1 mouthpiece, the Classic Resonance is an immediate improvement. They have better projection, a noticeably easier upper register, better intonation and improved flexibility in all registers.

If you have been thinking of upgrading to a Monette Prana mouthpiece, the new Prana Resonance is easier to transition to than ever... with even more of the positive qualities that have already made Prana mouthpieces the choice of every top player we work with. The sound is extremely brilliant, the response is very fast, and the upper register is incredibly easy - as long as you can avoid most of the physical compensations in body use that players adapt from playing old fashioned equipment. For details on this, please refer to our PRANA ACCLIMATION TIPS.


The outside shape and more resonant sound that these mouthpieces help the player to produce were inspired by our RAJA integral mouthpieces, which have been built in to our most advanced instruments since 1989. Now all these years later, we're excited to offer players some of the same Monette sound qualities of our RAJA instruments - and some of the playing advantages that go with this - simply by using our new Resonance mouthpieces. We are excited that this new design combines so many positive improvements with no compromise.

Our standard-weight Resonance mouthpieces are designed to be the next generation of our most popular, all-around mouthpieces - the STC-1 weight mouthpieces that we have made since 1987. Our lighter Resonance LT and XLT weight mouthpieces are still the best choice for lead trumpet playing and extreme high note situations.


Resonance mouthpieces are in production and we are now accepting orders.


For more information on any Monette mouthpiece or our custom built instruments, just visit our website at Our customer relations manager is BJ Cord and he is available by email or phone daily to answer any questions you may have or to help you select a mouthpiece to order. His email address is Our shop phone number is 503 255 5552.

We look forward to having you experience for yourself why our new Resonance mouthpieces are the best mouthpieces we have ever made!


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