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Only a few hours after taking delivery of his RAJA P2-STC, Wynton Marsalis explores the upper register, low register, and everything in between.

*More videos and photos below

The P2-STC was designed for Wynton Marsalis in 2016, and since taking delivery of his he hasn’t looked back. This is the lightest model we make with our 5 3/4” bell. It’s a great horn for someone who loves playing small group Jazz, but also plays in sections fairly often (like Wynton!). It has a slightly lighter, brighter sound than the P3-STC, but is still a more substantial instrument than any of our lighter trumpets with smaller bells. It was designed to play very much like the P3-STC, but with a slightly less dense sound and a bit more of the agility of our lighter models. 

  • Tall valve section; wide-radius tuning slide & bell bends; .469 bore

  • Big target size; very forgiving to play (harder to miss notes!)

  • Made with either a quick-change mouthpiece receiver (non-RAJA) or threaded integral mouthpiece (RAJA)

Many first-time visitors to our shop have played the P2 and P3. They often comment that compared to other trumpets they have used in the past, their sound is much larger, the instrument is easier to control, and they can just forget the equipment and concentrate on playing music. 

P2-STC Demonstration, 

Played by Charlie Porter



Antoine Drye playing his RAJA P2-STC

Video Tour of Wynton's RAJA P2-STC

Matt Plays a P2-STC

Ghost Tones & Loud Playing

on the RAJA P2-STC

Gershwin & John Williams on a

P2-STC (non-RAJA)

Four different players on a P2-STC

First Notes on a

P2-STC (non-RAJA)

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P2 engraving closeup.jpg
P2 without slides.jpg
Wynton's Finger Buttons
Wynton P2 initials engraving.jpg
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