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Comparison Chart

The diagram to the right illustrates all the measurements found in the chart below.


If you have any questions regarding the models or measurements below, contact our mouthpiece expert, BJ!

- Mouthpiece Questions for BJ -

For a larger version of the diagram, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

*** Please note that the provided measurements/specs are only useful when comparing Monette sizes to other Monette sizesMeasurements do not translate reliably between different makers. There are two main reasons for this:

        1. Differences in how and where measurements of curved mouthpiece surfaces are taken


        2. The significant degree to which differences in rim contour will affect the sensation of size

This is why we provide 'real world' size comparisons to some common non-Monette mouthpiece sizes. WE STRONGLY CAUTION YOU NOT TO CHOOSE A MOUTHPIECE SIZE BASED ON ANY NON-MONETTE SPECS. If you have questions about size equivalents, CLICK HERE to email our mouthpiece expert, or call our shop at 503-255-5552.  



Most players will find one of these to be

their best choice

B1-5 S4

comparable to:

Bach 1C

Schilke 18-20

B2 S3

comparable to:

Bach 1-1/4C

Schilke 17

B4S S2

comparable to:

Bach 1-1/2C

Schilke 16



comparable to:

Bach 1-1/2D

B4L S1

Lead Mouthpiece​

comparable to:

Bach 1-1/2E

B6 S1

comparable to:

Bach 3C, 5C, 7C

Schilke 15

B6L S1

Lead Mouthpiece


Bach 3E, Schilke 15A


Lead Mouthpiece

comparable to:

Schilke 14A


Lead Mouthpiece

comparable to:

Schilke 13A

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