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Patrick Hession had a stunning intuition the first time he heard Maynard Ferguson play. Even at that early age, he intuitively knew he would play the lead book on Maynard’s band - and even more, that he would be Maynard’s last lead player. That powerful psychic glimpse of the future helped propel Patrick into a career most lead trumpet players have only experienced in their dreams.

For the last six years of Maynard Ferguson’s career – up until his very last gig – Patrick Hession played the lead trumpet book on Maynard’s band. That’s the longest time anyone ever exclusively played the lead book without a break on the band. And as legendary Maynard lead trumpet player Stan Mark has said publicly many times, Patrick was the perfect choice to play the book in those most challenging of times. Stan, a vereran of 10 years (a record!) in Maynard’s trumpet section, knows that of which he speaks. Patrick had to play not only the lead book, but also cover Maynard’s solo’s from time to time - including playing the entire re-tooled “MF HIT MEDLEY” every night.

When Patrick first visited the shop years ago, Dave told him he played with his head tilted up too far, and that his throat was closed off enough that Monette mouthpieces would not work for him. The next time Dave saw the band, Patrick had switched to a bent mouthpiece, which allowed him to lower his head and open his throat. Dave was delighted, and they started a friendship and working relationship that has grown more and more rewarding every year since!

In this interview, Patrick tells funny stories from the road, gives us some insight into the crazy schedule the band endured (and also enjoyed!), and shares his thoughts on how to survive playing extreme lead trumpet. Patrick wowed the audience at our 25th anniversary party with several displays of his outrageous power, range and musicianship. Videos including Patrick in performance are found elsewhere in this newsletter and on our YouTube site. We hope you enjoy Patrick’s video interview. Thanks for all the great hangs, Patrick!



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